Graduate Certificate Requirements

1. African Studies Course Requirement

Six African Studies courses (18 credits), four courses from the students' major field and two courses from a related field/area are required. Any Graduate Class can count towards the African Certificate if there is at least 25% African content and individual students focus on an issue or country in Africa while doing their project and or research paper for the class.
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2. Language Requirement

Students must complete two years of the study of an indigenous African language or, a European language other than English that is relevant to African studies. See Languages offered by Pitt.

3. Research Paper

Each student must complete an interdisciplinary research paper focused on his or her area of concentration under the supervision of an African Studies affiliated faculty member. They also need to prepare a 10 minute presentation based on the research paper to be given at the graduation reception. 

4. Study Abroad & Internships in Africa

Study Abroad is not required but highly encouraged.  Students can earn credit towards the certificate by studying abroad or completing an internship in Africa. Studying abroad or doing an internship in an African country is a great opportunity to enhance one's knowledge of Africa and to make invaluable connections. See the Study Abroad page for more information.