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For Students

Resources for Students

This site is intended for students who are members of underrepresented groups. It guides and prepares them for internationalizing their education and what to expect from the experience. This page shares testimonials from actual students, provides scholarship information, directs to further readings for personal research, and contains additional links to review.


This section has real quotes from real students discussing their personal study abroad/international experience.

Student Guide

The World Is In Your Hands Student Guide: African Americans speak out and share their international experiences (PDF--requires Acrobat Reader software).


This section presents various financial opportunities that are available to help defray the cost of internationalizing your education.

Further Reading

This section lists additional readings on international education that might be of interest to you. [The reading list draws in large part on a bibliography developed by David Comp at the University of Chicago]

Related Links

This section lists additional links that might help you in exploring international education opportunities. Not all of these links are specific to underrepresented groups.

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