A certificate in Asian Studies is another academic credential that attests to a student’s particular knowledge of one or more of the societies of Asia. The certificate is designed for students who wish to intensify their study of Asia—either because they intend to use their knowledge of that critical part of the world in their careers after graduation, or because they realize the importance of an understanding of Asian history, language, and culture as part of their liberal arts education.


An Asian Studies Certificate may be earned by students from any department or school of the University. It entails a combination of foreign language training and multidisciplinary area studies necessary for both communicative and cultural competence. When the academic degree and certificate requirements are completed, both are posted on the student’s official academic transcript.


Since most certificate students find they would have taken courses required for the Asian Studies certificate as part of their regular programs of study, enrolling in the certificate program allows them to earn another academic credential at no extra tuition cost and without additional investment of time or work. More than 300 students are currently enrolled in Asian Studies certificate programs.

How to Enroll in the Certificate Program

2008 GraduationAll students interested in enrolling in the certificate program in Asian Studies should apply to the Asian Studies Center as soon as they have been admitted to the University of Pittsburgh. Applicants should contact Ms. Jennifer Murawski via email to jennm@pitt.edu to set up an appointment to enroll. Enrollment hours are generally between 9:30 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, although later appointments can be arranged.


Successful completion of the certificate program in Asian Studies is noted on the student’s official academic transcript upon graduation.

Benefits to Students

The Asian Studies Certificate Program provides a number of benefits to its enrollees, including:

Undergraduate Certificate Requirements

Students in both the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of General Studies can pursue an undergraduate certificate in Asian Studies as a supplement to a departmental major. Formal admission to the program is permitted at any point in the undergraduate career, but interested students are encouraged to apply in their freshman or sophomore year. There are no special requirements for admission. Students wishing to substitute the Asian Studies certificate for the “related area” requirements for the baccalaureate degree should first obtain permission from their major departments. Successful completion of the certificate program in Asian Studies is noted on the student’s official academic transcript upon graduation. The following are the requirements for the undergraduate certificate:



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