Postcolonial Feminisms and the Ethic of Care: South-to-South Dialogues
Asian and Latin American Studies Symposium




M. Jacqui Alexander, Pedagogies of the Sacred: Making the Invisible Tangible

Sonia Alvarez, Translating the Global

Kiran Asher, Texts in context: Afro-Colombian women’s activism in the Pacific Lowlands of Colombia

Kiran Asher, Black and Green, Introduction

Tani Barlow, The Woman Question in Chinese Feminism

Rey Chow, Where have all the natives gone?

Elora H. Chowdhury, ‘Transnationalism reversed’: Engaging religion, development and women's organizing in Bangladesh

Elora H. Chowdhury, Locating Global Feminisms Elsewhere

Bernardita Llanos, Family Imaginaries and Traimatic Memory in Chilean Narrative

Bernardtia Llanos, Passionate Subjects/Split Subjects in Twentieth-Century Chile

Claudia de Lima Costa, Lost (and Found?) in Translation

Claude de Lima Costa, Being Here and Writing There: Gender and the Politics of Translation in a Brazilian Landscape

Isis Nusair, Gendering the Narratives of Three Generations of Palestinian Women in Israel

Isis Nusair,  Gendered, Racialized, and Sexualized Torture at Abu Ghraib

Young Rae Oum, Authenticity and representation

Prajna Parasher, Pining for the Self

Prajna Parasher, Worlding the Time

Tracy Robinson, A Loving Freedom (Book discussion on Alexander, Pedagogies of Crossing)

Michelle Rowley, Rethinking Interdisciplinarity (Book discussion on Alexander, Pedagogies of Crossing)

Michelle Rowley, Whose Time is it? Gender and Humanism

Saskia Sassen, Toward a Feminist Analytics of the Global Economy

Saskia Sassen, Spatialities and Temporalities of the Global

Faith Smith, Crosses/Crossroad/Crossings (Book discussion on Alexander, Pedagogies of Crossing)

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Echo

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, History

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Can the subaltern speak?

Millie Thayer, Translations and Refusals: Resignifying Meanings as Feminist Political Practice

Millie Thayer, Traveling Feminisms

Trinh T. Minh-ha, Woman, native, other (pp. 47-116)

Kamala Visweswaran, Betrayal: An Analysis in Three Acts

Sasha Welland, Experimental Beijing

Sasha Welland, What Women Will Have Been

Ara Wilson, Feminism in the space of World Social Forum

Ara Wilson, Queering Asia


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