1. Japan: Society and Technology


Chairperson: William McPherson, Department of State


Leonard Lynn, University of Pittsburgh: Trade Associations and Technology


            Walter Arnold, Miami University of Ohio: Uses of Technology by the Japanese State


            Midori Rynn, University of Scranton: Cultural Roots of' Japanese Management


            William McPherson: Labor and Technology


             Discussants: Donald Wheeler, Kean College


Martha Caldwell Harris, Office of Technology Assessment



2. Korean Development: The Model and the Myth


Chairperson: Ellen Salem, Chemical Bank


Discussants: John T. Bennett, Korean Economic Institute in America


Gregory Henderson, Tufts University


Laurence B. Krause, Brookings Institution


David I. Steinberg, Agency for International Development


3. Asia in American Policy After the 1984 Presidential Elections


Chairperson: Ronald Morse, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars


Discussants: Lynn White, Princeton University


Astri Suhrke, American University


Koo Young Nok, Seoul National University and Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars


William Brooks, Department of State





4. Pakistan in World Politics During the 1980s


Chairperson: Sulayman S. Nyang, Howard Universitv


Sulayman S. Nyang: Pakistan and the African States


Tahir Amin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Pakistan and the Superpowers in the 1980s


Mujahid Hussain, Embassy of Pakistan: Indo-Pakistan Relations in the 1980s


Imtiaz Bokhari, Institute of Strategic Studies (Islamabad): Pakistan and West Asia


5. The Urban Phenomenon in Early Southeast Asia


Chairperson: Michael Aung Thwin, Elmira College


Discussants: William McDonald, Columbia Universitv


Quan Nguyen, Columbia University


Richard O'Connor, University of the South


            Michael Aung Thwin, Elmira College


            Gregory L. Possehl, University of Pennsylvania


6. What is the Future of ASEAN?


            Chairperson: Robert Rau, U.S. Naval Academy


Discussants: Mahlon Henderson, Department of State


Nayan Chanda, Far Eastern Economic Review


Kishore Mahbubani, Embassy of Singapore


Wayne Bert, B. K. Dynamics


Thomas L. Wilborn, Army War College


Hans H. Indorf, National Defense University


7. Literature and Politics: Martyrs and Other Heroes in Chinese Literature


            Chairperson: Carolyn T. Brown, Howard University


Stuart Sargent, University of Maryland, College Park: Poetrv and Politics in the Late North Sung: A Chronological Reading


David Burgess, George Washington University: Tragedy and Loyalty: The Poetry of Wen Tian xiang


Carolyn T. Brown, Howard University: The Martyr as Hero: Lu Hsun and his 'Medicine'


            Discussant: Jonathan Chaves,  George Washington University


8. China Missions: An Analysis


Chairperson: Frank R. Podgorski, Seton Hall University


Laurence Murphy, Seton Hall University: Maryknoll in China: A Case Study


Jessie Lutz, Rutgers University: Protestant Christian Education in China: An Evaluation


Louis K. Ha, Diocese of Hong Kong: The Future of 'Mission in Hong Kong


Donald MacInnis, Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers History Research Project: The Future of Missions in China


9. The Value of Study/Travel in Asian Studies


Chairperson: Patricia Dooley, Academic Travel Abroad


             Robert Sutter, Congressional Research Service: Study/Travel in Asia: The Academic Component


Patricia Dooley, Academic Travel Abroad: Designing Programs for the Continuing Education and Undergraduate Student


William Jack Miller, Abington Senior High School: Study/Travel and School Curriculum


Sidney Greenblatt, Asia Pacific Consultants: Study/Travel in China: A Sociologist's View of the CIEE Fudan Program


10. Korea and the Major Powers: Implications for International Relations


             Chairperson: Parris Chang, Pennsylvania State University


Richard Bush, House Foreign Affairs Committee: U.S. Interest in the Korean Peninsula


Thomas W. Robinson, Georgetown University: Korea and the Major Powers


In Ho Li, DPRK Observer Mission to the U.N.: Pyongyang's View of the Korean Problem


Chong Sik Lee, University of Pennsylvania: The Politics of' Korean Unification


Victor Trifanov, USSR Embassy: Moscow's Policy Toward the Korean Peninsula


Ding Xinghao, Shanghai Institute of International Studies: China's Policy Toward the Korean Peninsula


11. Some Issues in the Mainstreaming of Asian Immigrants to the United States


             Chairperson: Bala Subramaniam, Morgan State University


Dinkar Raval, Morgan State University: Strategies for East Indian Businessmen Entering the Economic Mainstream


Bala Subramaniam, Morgan State University: Issues and Problems Faced by East Indian Businessmen in Mainstreaming


Bina Raval, Towson State University: Psychological Implications of 'Mainstreaming  for East Asian Families


Discussant: Daniel Spencer, Morgan State University


12. Japanese Politics in the Nakasone Area


             Chairperson: John Endicott, National Defense University


Discussants: Theodore McNelly, University of Maryland, College Park


John Endicott, National Defense University


Nathanial B. Thayer, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University


Susan J. Pharr, Harvard University


13. Social Movements in Twentieth Century China


             Chairperson: I-Fan Ch'eng, Howard University


Virginia E. Reynolds, Indiana University of Pennsylvania: Chinese Social Movements, 1895-1927


Jung-fang Tsai, The College of Charleston: The Anti-Japanese Boycott and Riot in Hong Kong, 1908


J. Kenneth Olenik, Montclair State College: The All-China Peasant Association and the CCP Strategy for Political Integration During the Period of the First United Front, 1923-1927


Sha Shung-Tse, University of the District of Columbia: The Chinese Catholic Church and the Sino-Japanese War


Ann C. Bailey, George Mason University: Deng Yingchao: Persoifying the Union of Revolution, Socialism, and Patriarchy


Discussant: Oderic Wou, Rutgers University, Newark


14. Topics in Comparative Poetics


             Chairperson: Dore J. Levy, Brown University


Dore J. Levy, Brown University: The Principal of Fu ("Enumeration") and the Development of Narrative Sequence in Chinese Poetry


Meera Viswanathan, Brown University: Hinting at Meaning: Martin Heidegger's Japanese Dialogues


K’ang-I Chang, Yale University: The Problem of Expression and Description in Six Dynasties' Poetry


Roselee Bundy, University of Tennessee, Knoxville: The Poetics of Fujiwara Shunzei, 1114-1204


Discussant: Earl Miner, Princeton University


15. Editing and Reporting Southeast Asia


             Chairperson: Jeremy Marks, Asian Wall Street Journal Weekly


Discussants: Jeremy Marks, Asian Wall Street Journal Weekly


Robert Shaplan, The New Yorker


Fred Moritz, Christian Science Monitor


Nayan Chanda, Far Eastern Economic Review


16. Pakistan: Nation and State-Building


             Chairperson: Feroz Ahmed, University of Karachi


             Feroz Ahmed, University of Karachi: The National Question in Sindh


             Aftab A. Kazi, University of Sindh: Ethnicity and State-Building in Pakistan


            Rashid Ahmed, University of the District of Columbia: Ideology and Crisis of Identity in Pakistan


Manzoor Hussain, Howard University: Punjab and Pakistani Nationalism


17. "China Connections" Workshop


             Organizer and Instructor: Marie B. Kalat, Community Learning Connections


             Agenda: Viewing and Discussing


An American Family in China, Video Documentary


Simulation of How to Teach China Connections Using Resources


Sharing of Resources and Updated Materials


Questions and Answers


18. Learning from Asians in America


             Chairperson: Eric Luce, Abington Senior High School


Eric Luce, Abington Senior High School: Learning from the Hmong Community in Philadelphia


             Jennifer Farkas, Ohio State University: How Japanese Students Experience American Education: A Case Study of 'the Honda Employees Children in Marysville, Ohio


Discussant: Loren Fessler, Voice of America


19. Anthropologists Outside of Villages: Recent Fieldwork in Korea and Japan


             Chairperson: Laurel Kendall, American Museum of Natural History


Theodore C. Bestor, Social Science Research Council: Land and Households: Intra-Urban Mobilitv and Social Continuity in Tokyo


Linda Lewis, New York City, Department of Juvenile Justice: The Korean Judge as Mediator: Compromise in the Course of Civil Litigation


Stephen Smith, Columbia University: On the Wagon in Japan: A Cross-Cultural Look at Non-Professional Treatment of Alcohol


Laurel Kendall, American Museum of Natural History: Cold Wombs in Balmy Honolulu: Ethnogynecology among Korean Immigrants


Discussant: Robert J. Smith, Cornell University


20. Perspectives on China's Four Modernizations


              Chairperson: Ka-che Yip, University of Maryland, Baltimore County


 Frederick W. Crook, U.S. Department of Agriculture: Agriculture


Albert Keidel, Rock Creek Research: Industry


Amy Auerbacher Wilson, Committee on Scholarly Communication with the People's Republic of China: Science and Technology


Thomas W. Robinson, Georgetown University: Defense


Discussant: Gilbert Chan, Miami University


21. Levels of Culture in T'ang Literature


             Chairperson: Eva Shan Chou, New York University


             Victor Mair, University of Pennsylvania: The Maudgalyayana Legend in China: Folk, Popular, and Elite Versions


             Marsha Wagner, The China Institute: Courtesan Culture in Early Tz'u Poetry


             Eva Shan Chou, New York University: Simple Language in the Poetry of Tu Fu


Discussant: T'ang Hai-t'ao, Princeton University


22. Crisis and Development in the Philippines, 1983-1985


Chairperson: Theodore Friend, Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships


Discussants: Ed Lachia, The Wall Street Journal


John Maisto, Department of State


Raul Manglapus, Center for Development Policy


Marjorie Niehaus, Congressional Research Service


David A. Rosenberg, Middlebury College


23. India's Relations with the Major International Powers


Chairperson: Robert E Goheen, (formerly) U.S. Ambassador to India


Jagat S. Mehta, University of Texas, Austin: The Downs and Ups in India-China Relations: The Present Phase


Thomas P. Thornton, School of Advanced International Studies: American Interests in India under Carter and Reagan


Sumit Ganguly, Columbia University: Indo-Soviet Relations After Afghanistan




Dennis Kux, Department of State: 1971 Revisited: India and the Soviet Union; China and the United States


Discussant: Leo Rose, University of California, Berkeley, and Department of State


24. Individual Papers


Chairperson: Katie Carlitz, University of Pittsburgh


Geoffrey Burkhart, American University: Conversion and Minority Identity: A South Indian Lutheran Church


Joan Roland, Pace University: Zionism in India, 1917-1948


Brian Smith, Barnard College: The Sacrificial Journal to Heaven: Some Remarks on Vedic Ritualism


             Katherine de Dory Smith, ASEAN-U.S. Information Center: ASEAN and the Pacific Community: Problems and Prospects


Sarbjit Johal, University of California, Santa Barbara: America's Reading of Pakistan: Similarities and Differences from the 1950s


25. The 1985 Pennsylvania Governor's School for International Studies: A Report on the Successes and Problems of an Innovative High School Program


             Discussants: Diana Wood, Shady Side Academy and Governor's School for International Studies


             Kathleen White, University of Pittsburgh and Governor's School for International Studies


             How Much Japanese Can High School Students Learn Five Weeks? Overview of the Language Component, Results of Students’ Evaluations, Videotape on Classroom Instruction in Japanese


Creating Cross-Cultural Sensitivity, Techniques for Bringing High School Students Together with Foreign Visitors, Videotape and Slides of Activities Promoting Cross-Cultural Understanding


26. Women and Development in Asia


Chairperson: Helen L. Chiu, Pennsylvania State University, Ogontz


Amara Bachu, Bureau of the Census: Women and Fertility in India: A Historical Perspective and Development in South Asia


S.N. Leela, Millersville University: Women and Development in South Asia


Helen L. Chiu, Pennsylvania State University, Ogontz: Women and Politics  in Thailand: The 1979 and 1983 Elections


            The Role of Women in the People's Republic of China (name not given)


            Discussant: Jane Phillips, Howard University


27. Industrial Policy in Japan


            Chairperson: Edward Lincoln, Brookings Institution


Youn-sik Kim, Kean College: Social Factors in Japanese Industrial Policy


Edward Lincoln, The Brookings Institution: An Overview of Japan's Industrial Policies


             Frances McCall, Columbia University: Industrial Policy in a Changing Financial Structure


             Panos Mourdou-koutas and Soong Sohgn, Clarion University: Automation and Life Employment in Japan: Problems and Prospects


Discussant: Kent Calder, Princeton University


28. South China in Pre-Han Times


            Chairperson: Barry Blakely, Seton Hall University


             Barry Blakely, Seton Hall University, Local Administration in Eastern Chou


Heather Peters, University of Pennsylvania: Pearls and Gold – Chu Trade and Relations with the South


            Discussant: John Major, Dartmouth College


29. China and Taiwan: Comparisons and Contrasts


Chairperson: James C. Hsiung New York University


Frank Tinari, Seton Hall University: China's Modernization Program: Current Problems and Future Prospects


Chi-ming Hou, Colgate University and Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research (Taipei): Taiwan's Economic Development: Recent Achievements and Current Strategy


Li Shenshi, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (Beijing): China's Foreign Policy: U.S.A., U.S.S.R., and the Third World


John Copper, Heritage Foundation and Southwestern University: Taiwan's Diplomatic Strategy for the 1980s


Kan Nianyi, Institute of Contemporary International Relations (Beijing): China's Reunification Policy and Strategy: Current Problems and Future Prospects


Richard Chu, Rochester Institute of Technology: Taiwan's Prospects in Chinese Historical Perspectives


Discussants: Winston L.Y. Yang,  Seton Hall University


Winberg Chai. University of South Dakota


Hung-mao Tien, University of Wisconsin


30. Some Implications of Leadership Succession in Burma


             Chairperson: Josef Silverstein, Rutgers University


             Discussants: David Steinberg. Agency for International Development


Maung Maung Gyi, Bates College


31. Regionalism, Factionalism, and Communalism in South Asia: Threats to Democracy


             Chairperson: Mohammad I. Khan, Clarion University


Theodore Wright, State University of New York, Albany: Factionalism in Sindh


Steven Kemper, Bates College: Factionalism and Communalism in Sri Lanka


Syedur Rahman, Pennsylvania State University: Factionalism in Bangladesh: Implications for Development


Mohammad I. Khan, Clarion University: Growing Communalism and Factional Regionalism in India: Is Indian Democracy Threatened?


Gurcharan Singh: The Dynamics of National Minorities in South Asia


Discussants: Mary Katzenstein, Cornell University                                


Donald E. Smith, University of Pennsylvania


Harry Blair, Buckmell University


32. Coverage of Asian News in U.S. Mass Media


             Chairperson: Frederic Moritz, Pennsylvania State University


Discussants: Warren Hoge, The New York Times


Robert Oxnam, The Asia Society


Larry Heinzerlink, Associated Press


Robert Shaplan, The New Yorker


Frederic Moritz, (formerly), The Christian Science Monitor


William Watts, Potomac Associates


33. Resources for the Study of American Investment in East Asia and Traditional Medicine in China: Archival and Library Holdings in the Mid-Atlantic States Region


             Frank Joseph Shulman, University of Maryland, College Park


Martha L. Crawley, Naval Historical Center: Selected Resources in the Naval Historical Center on the Asiatic Squadron and the Asiatic Fleet in East Asia, 1865-1942


Bernard R. Crystal, Columbia University: The Eugene Epperson Barnett Papers in the Columbia University Libraries: A Record of Thirty Years of Christian Service in China Before World War II


Chiyano Sata, Catholic University of America: Labor Developments in Japan During the Late 1940s and Early 1950s: The Papers of Richard L.G. Deverall at the Catholic University of' America Archives


Frank Joseph Shulman, University of Maryland, College Park: The Asian Studies Newsletter Archives: An Overview with Particular Attention to Newsletters Published Within the Mid-Atlantic States Region


                          Mi Chu Wiens, Library of Congress: Chinese Works on Materia Medica in the Library of Congress


             Charmian Cheng, Princeton University: The Rare Book Collection on Chinese Medicine in the Gest Oriental Library at Princeton University


34. Periodization in East Asian History


Chairperson: Frank Kierman, Rider College


F. W. Mote, Princeton University: Periodization in the Cambridge History of China


Martin Colcutt, Princeton University: Periodization in the Cambridge History of Japan


Discussants: James T.C. Liu, Princeton University


Willard Peterson, Princeton Universitv


James Polacheck, Princeton University


35. Current East Asian Language Teaching Trends


Chairperson: John Young, Seton Hall University


Gilbert Roy, University of Virginia: Approaches in Chinese Language Teaching


             Benjamin N. Park, Foreign Service Institute: Foreign Service Institute Field Programs and Language Proficiency Testing in Japan and Korea


             John Young, Seton Hall University: Videotapes and Non-Verbal Expressions in Teaching Japanese Language


36. The Real and Imagined Worlds in Ming and Ching Literature


             Chairperson: Sharon Shih-jiuan Hou, Pomona College


             Sharon Shih-jiuan Hou, Pomona College: Allegory: Thee Representation of' Realities in Chinese Tz'u-Poetrv


James Parish Yang, Colby College: Mythic and Mimetic Threads: Chih-yen chai Commentary as a Guide to the Dream of the Red Chamber's Narrative Structure


Chih-p’ing Chou, Princeton University: The Didactic Application of' Fiction to Life in the Critical Theories of Late Ming Literature


            Discussant: William H. Nienhauser, Jr., University of Wisconsin, Madison


37. The Crisis in Indochina


            Chairperson: William Duiker, Pennsylvania State University


            Discussants: Nayan Chanda, Far Easter Economic Review


King Chen, Rutgers University


            Gareth Porter, City University of New York


             Sean Randolph, Department of State


38. Developments in Sri Lanka


             Chairperson: Kenneth E. Corey, University of Maryland


             Leslie Panditharatna, University of Peradeniya: Role of- Urbanization in the Development Process in Sri Lanka


Paul Groves, University of Maryland: Inter-regional Migration and Urbanization


Rita Schneider-Silwa, University of Maryland: Agricultural Extension for the Progressive or Marginal Farmer? The T & V System in Sri Lanka


Kenneth E. Corey, University of Maryland: Deconcentrated Urbanization in Sri Lanka: A Case Study of Policy Serendipity


39. The 'Spiritual Pollution' Campaign and its Sequelae in China


             Chairperson: Harold C. Hinton, George Washington University


Joseph Fewsmith, Foreign Broadcast Information Service: Origins and Political Meaning of' the Spiritual Pollution Campaign


Parris Chang, Pennsylvania State University: Chinese Domestic Politics in 1984


Steven I. Levine, American University: Contemporarv Chinese Politics in the Context of Post-1949 Chinese Political Historv


Discussant: Carol Hamrin, Department of State