1. The Shape of Things to Come: Prospects and Problems in South Asia


Chair: Edwin Hirschmann, Towson State University


Edwin Hirschmann, Towson State University: Introduction


Robert LaPorte. Jr., Pennsylvania State University: Pakistan


Syedur Rahman, Pennsylvania State University: Bangladesh


Walter Andersen, Department of State: India: Political Prospects


Stanley Kochanek, Pennsylvania State University: India: Commercial and Political Prospects


2. North Korea: The Nuclear Issue and the Agreement


Chair: Bonnie Oh, Georgetown University


Charles Armstrong, Princeton University: Why North Korea Still Exists


Gary Samore, Department of State: The Negotiation of the Agreement and its Implementation to Date


Victor Cha, Georgetown University: The Geneva-Agreed Framework and the Future of Korea


Discussant: Yo Taik Song, Department of Energy


3. Individual Papers: Art and Aesthetics in East Asia


            Diane S. Graham, Nazareth College of Rochester: Chinese Tradition to Japanese Convention: The Transformation of “The Eight Views of the Xiao and Xiang” in Hiroshige’s Shiba Hakkei


Adriana Proser, Loyola College of Maryland: The Liquid Stele: Confucianism and Calligraphy in Eastern Han China (CE 25-220)


Dali Tan, University of Maryland: Deep, Deep the Courtyard—How Deep?: Li Qingzhao’s Strategies in Employing Some Architectural Features in Her Lyrics


Jie Xu, Princeton University: The Cemetery Lords of Jin: Its Significance in Western Zhou Archaeology and the Study of Jin Bronze Art


4. An Interdisciplinary Approach to Asian Studies at the Secondary Level


Chair: Leslie Solomon, Cherry Hill High School West


Leslie Solomon, Cherry Hill High School West: Teaching Asian Studies Thematically


Barbara O'Breza, Cherry Hill High School West: Poetry as a Reflection of T’ang Values


Louise McDonnel, Cherry Hill High School East: T’ang Values Reflected in Art


5. Institutional & Historical Perspectives on Modernity in China


Chair: Harold Tanner, University of North Texas


Catherine Keyser, Drew University: Re-Creating Research as a Modern Institution in China


Harold Tanner, University of North Texas: Criminal Justice and China’s Transition to Modernity


Discussant: Xioqun Xu, Francis Marion University


6. Rethinking Female and Male in Japanese Literature


Chair: Ayako Kano, University of Pennsylvania


Linda H. Chance, University of Pennsylvania: Constructions of the Feminist Mode in Japanese Literature


Seiko Yoshinaga, University of Pennsylvania: A Feminist Re-Reading of Fukuda Hideko’s Autobiography


Janice Brown. University of Pennsylvania: Construction of Gender in Kogaku Zasshi


Ayako Kano, University of Pennsylvania: Towards a Critique of Transhistorical Feminity


Discussant: Kathleen S. Uno, Temple University


7. Backing into Change: Voices of New Order Youth in Indonesia


Chair: Elizabeth Fuller Collins, Ohio University


Evi Fitriani, Ohio University: The Influence of Western Films on Indonesia’s Young Generation


Malcom Brownlee, Ohio University: Islamic Intellectual Currents in Central Java


Michelle Reynolds, Ohio University: Kalyanamitra: Out Front in the Anti-Rape Movement


Jacob Boley. Ohio University: Nakal: Everyday Lives of Java’s Unemployed Youth


Elizabeth Fuller Collins, Ohio University: Demonstrasi: Student Protests at the University of Sriwijaya in 1994


8. Korea & the Challenges in the Post‑Cold War Period


Chair: W. Robert Warne, Korea Economic Institute of America


W. Robert Warne, Korea Economic Institute of America: Prospects for Korea-U.S. Economic Relations: A New Partnership as a Part of the Pacific Community


Robert G. Rich, Jr., Korea Economic Institute of America: Korea and the Challenges of the Post-Cold War Period


Ben Kremenak, University of Maryland: Korea’s Road Towards Reunification: Potholes and Detours


John Kie Chiang Oh, Catholic University of America: Implications of the 1995 Local Government Elections in South Korea


9. Individual Papers: Historical Development in Japan


Dallas Finn, Independent Scholar: Preserving Meiji Sites


Yoshimitsu Khan, Union College: Moral Education in Prewar Japan


Maria Rost Rublee, George Washington University: Are Cruel Choices Necessary? The Case of Liberty and Growth in Pre- and Post-World War II in Japan


10. Individual Papers: Religion and Change in Asia


John J. Doyle, Ohio University: Buddhism and National Development in Thailand


Daniel Kealey, Towson State University: Gods, ETs and the Imaginal


Donald W. Kramer, West Virginia University: Green Monks/Green Priests: Religious Reforms, Environmental Activism and Community Developments in Thailand and the Philippines


11. Asian Cartoons and Comics


Chair: John A. Lent, Organizer, Manhua and Komiks Group


Alfonz Lengyel, Fudan Museurn Foundation: He Wei – Chinese Cartoonist Power in Brush and Ink Technique


Hongying Liu‑Lengyel, Shanghai Institute for International Culture: Zhan Tong – Innovator of Chinese Animation, Cartooning and Theme Park Design


Rei Okamoto, Manhua and Komiks Group: Rhetoric of Japanese Propaganda Leaflets


Kie‑Un Yu, Manhua and Komiks Group: Historical Perspective of Korean Cartoons


12. Body and Text in Medieval Japan


Chair: Linda H. Chance, University of Pennsylvania


Tom Howell, University of Pennsylvania: Copying Sutras, Writing Narratives: Textual Values in Medieval Japan


Michelle Li, Princeton University: Reading the Grotesque in Setsuwa Literature


Beth G. Lyon, University of Pennsylvania: Achieving Mind-Body Unity: Kata in Medieval Japanese Education


Discussant: Eleanor Kerkham, University of Maryland


13. Individual Papers: South Asia in Cultural Perspective


Dorothy Perkins, Independent Scholar: The Manifestation of Krishna in Popular American Culture


Shahid Shahidullah, St. John's University, Staten Island Campus: Political Culture in Modernizing Societies: The Case of India


Valerian DeSousa, Widener University: The Industrial Exhibition: Metaphor of Modernity


Sunil Sondhi. University of Toronto: Political Economy of Technology Transfer in Indo-U.S. Relations


14. Individual Papers: Development and Political Policy in China


Xio Bo Hu, Morehead State University: State and Civil Society: Political Economy of Migration in Reforming China


Min Liu, University of Notre Dame: The “Floating Population” in China: Causes, Consequences and Policy Perspectives


Jung‑Fang Tsai, University of Charleston: Hong Kong’s Historical Experience and its Implications for Taiwan’s Political Development


Gabe T. Wang, Morehead State University: A Unique Way to Urbanize


15. Individual Papers: Time and Timelessness in Asia


Robert G. Howard, Independent Scholar: Survey of Time, a Variable in Natural Science


Gerald Sullivan, University of Virginia: Mead, Bateson and the Timelessness of the Balinese


Sanqiang Jian, Washington Center for Chinese Studies: Brain Drain in China and Overseas Chinese Intellectuals


Qin Shao, Trenton State College: Space, Time and Local Politics in Early 20th Century Nantong


16. Individual Papers: Developments in Language Pedagogy in the Instruction of Japanese and Chinese


Masako Hamada, Villanova University: Effective Use of Video Segments from Television for Intercultural Understanding: Introductory


Scott McGinnis, University of Maryland: Teaching Chinese to the Chinese: Assessment and Instruction of Ethnic Chinese Students


Masako Nakagawa, Villanova University: The Use of Videos for a Japanese Literature Course


17. Asian Cartoons and Comics (continued)


Chair: John A. Lent. Manhua & Komiks Group


Arthur Rao. Manhua & Komiks Group: Bahadur the Dacoit-Hunter: Dara the Terror of Terrorists and Other Stories: How Indian Comics Represent Events from 1970 to 1990


John A. Lent, Manhua & Komiks Group: Asian Cartoons and Comics – Asian Comic Strips: Not Quite a Century


Kanako Shiokawa, Manhua & Komiks Group: Memorable Episodes: The Use of Personal Experiences in Japanese Comic Books


18. China and the Resistance War Against Japan


Organizer: Odoric Y. K. Wou, Rutgers University


Margaret B. Denning, Slippery Rock University: The Formulation of Enemy Army Mobilization Methods: Huabei Soldiers Conference


Lincoln Li, Monash University: South Manchurian Railway Report on Chinese Resistance Potential, 1940: A Japanese Assessment of the Resistance Strategy of the Nationalist Government in Chongqing


Odoric Y. K. Wou. Rutgers University: Community Defense and Communist Revolution in China: The Case of Dubalian


Ka‑che Yip, University of Maryland, Baltimore County: The Training of Health Manpower in Wartime China


Discussant: Michael Gasster, Rutgers University


19. Splash! Boom! Bang!: Woodblock Prints of the Sino‑Japanese War


Chair: Frank L. Chance, University of Pennsylvania


Frank L. Chance, University of Pennsylvania: Kobayashi Kiyo: “One Hundred Battles. One Hundred Laughs


Rosalind Bradford, University of Pennsylvania: Kokumatsu’s Representations of the Battle of Pyongyang


Tracy Miller, University of Pennsylvania: The Chinese Political Environment and Military Situation Before the Sino-Japanese War


Tate J. Rarick, University of Pennsylvania: Historical Features in Prints Representing the Battle of Pyongyang


Warren Keyser, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art: Uniform Brilliance: Representation of Costumes of Japanese and Chinese Soldiers


Vicky Soo. University of Pennsylvania: The Peiyang Navy and the Battle of Haiyang Island


20. Contemporary Observations on China's Economy


Chair: Thomas Rawski, University of Pittsburgh


Wei Lo, University of Pittsburgh: Experimental Tests of the Ratchet Effect with Chinese Managers


Rick Harbaugh, University of Pittsburgh: Effects of Equity Sharing in TVEs


Robert W. Mead, University of Pittsburgh: Observations on Rural Household Labor Allocations


21. Individual Papers: Studies in Asian Linguistics


Rika Hayami Allen, University of Pittsburgh: A Study of the Language of Taliwang (Sumbawa, Indonesia)

Robert B. Allen, University of Pittsburgh: West Papuan and Austronesian


Kiri Lee, Lehigh University: The Notion of Shared Information and its Implications for Japanese Case Marking


22. Reading Through the Text: Performativity and Context in East Asian Performance


Sara Davis, University of Pennsylvania: Urban Chinese Oral Narratives: Modern Elaborations of the “Three Kingdoms”


Neil Schmid, University of Pennsylvania: Medieval Monks as Seditious Storytellers


Jonah Sa1z, Independent Scholar: Lost and Found in Translation: Contemporary Monologuist Issey Ogata


Discussant: Ayako Kano, University of Pennsylvania


23. Individual Papers: Historical Movement in China


Hsieh Boa Hua. Creighton University: Concubines, Ritual and Legal Standing


J. Kenneth Olenik, Montclair State University: From Internationalist to Nationalist: The Chinese Rejection of International Socialism in the Late 1920s


Paul R. Rivera, University of Maryland, Baltimore County: The November 1927 Yeungkong Incident and the Maryknoll Mission Enterprise in China


24. Individual Papers: Tradition and Change Among Women in Asia


Lisa Kim Davis, Johns Hopkins University: The Anti-Sexual Violence Movement: Sexuality, Nationalism and Class in Korean Feminist Politics


Mala Mathrani, Ohio State University: Constructing and “Asian Idnetity”: Women’s Organizations in Pre-Independence India


Yi Sun, Albion College: Progress or Regress: Women and Economic Reforms in China


Kim Falk, University of Pittsburgh: Matrilineal Kin Assistance During and Post-Pregnancy in Post-Reform Shandong


25. Individual Papers: Economic Policy and Development in Asia


Liping Deng, Mount Allison University: Japan’s Official Devlopment Assistance to China: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis


Kevin H. Zhang, University of Colorado at Boulder: A Simple Model of Multinational Corporations in Developing Countries


Susan Stone, Drexel University: An Investigation into the Macroeconomic Linkages among Dynamic Asian Economies


Christopher C. Meyerson, Columbia University: Designing and Testing a Model of Japanese Trade Policy Making: Japan’s Role in the Agricultural Policy Reform Debaye of the Uruguay Round of the GATT


26. Individual Papers: Education in East Asia


Albert Gardner, University of Maryland: An American Professor Teaching in a Shanghai High School


Elizabeth K. Eder, University of Maryland: Margaret Clark Griffis: An American Teacher in Early Meiji Japan


Hideo Watanabe, University of Pittsburgh: Adult Learning in Japan


27. Individual Papers: Aesthetics and Images in Japanese Tradition


Erika O. Bainbridge, Johns Hopkins University: Images of Cronies in Japanese Noh Drama


David C. Prejsnar, Community College of Philadelphia: The Role of Engi in Kamakura Popular Buddhism: An Examination of Their Use in the Ippen Huiri-E


Peipei Qiu, Vassar College: Onitsura’s Makoto and theTaoist Cincept of the Natural


Reiko Yonogi, Indiana University at Indianapolis: The Narrative of Self-Discovery: Autobiographical Writings by Tamura Toshiko, Miyamoto Yuriko and Sata Ineko