Pitt Student Ambassadors

Pitt Student Ambassador Program: China
Hosted by: University Center of International Studies (UCIS), Residence Life, and 

the Office of Cross Cultural and Leadership Development

Purpose: The Pitt Student Ambassador program is seeking current undergraduate Pitt students who are willing to represent Pitt on a trip to China to welcome potential incoming international students. The trip will depart from Pittsburgh and host workshops in two Chinese cities, Beijing and Shanghai. 

The Pitt Student Ambassador program have two-fold purposes: to welcome incoming international students to the University of Pittsburgh and to provide Pitt students with an international leadership experience. This opportunity will span two academic years (2016-2017 for training and preparation, 2017-2018 for engagement with incoming international students). Students selected for the program will cultivate relationships with international students before they arrive on campus and then maintain these connections throughout the next academic year.

Application Requirements: Student applicants must be a full-time undergraduate sophomore or junior with a minimum of 24 academic credits completed on a Pitt campus; a 2.75 cumulative GPA or 2.5 for Engineering students; and a clear disciplinary record. 

Location: Beijing and Shanghai, China

Training:  June 10-12, 2017
Trip Dates: June 13-23, 2017

Selection Process: Up to ten undergraduate students will be selected to participate through an application and interview.

Program Cost: The program will cover on-campus housing during pre-trip training, round trip transportation and airfare from Pittsburgh to China, and lodging, transportation, and some meals in China.

Pre-Trip Requirements: Students are responsible for securing a current passport, visa to enter China, transportation to Pittsburgh for pre-trip training, and a refundable deposit (only when trip and responsibilities are completed) $200.

Notification: Semi-finalists will be notified by email during the week of October 10-17, and will be expected to attend a fifteen minute interview between October 31-November 4. Finalists will be notified on Friday, November 11.
Application Deadline: Applications for the 2017 ambassador program have been closed. Congratulations to those chosen!