ASC, our students, and community partners regularly partner to develop new resources for educators and parents to enhance Asia-related ideas and content upon request or for special programs.


In Summer 2011, ASC and the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's Children's Department worked to create two free guides for PreK-5th grade students and parents, teachers, and librarians who want to teach authentic Asian activities and craft projects as well as select books with Asian themes.


Asia 1-2-3Asia 1-2-3 is a non‐commercial, freely distributed guide created by and for librarians, teachers, and anyone who works with children interested in international ideas and cultural programming. Our goal is provide readers with ready‐to‐go activity ideas to introduce children ages 4‐11 to some basic East Asian culture, art, language, history, and games. The activities in this book are compiled from a variety of people and sources (which have been attributed throughout the book). Activities are listed according to common material or technique, and suggestions for age-appropriateness and estimated length of time for each activity are given on each pages. Activities are also identified by the country flag on each page—this is meant to assist librarians and teachers who are looking for country‐specific content. However, due to the long history of shared culture, holidays, and ideas between many Asian nations, it is often hard to assign just one country to a particular activity! You may find this cross‐cultural theme helps to show how culture spread through Asia!


The original materials in this book (see each page for details on content) are released under a Creative Commons Attribution ‐NonCommercial‐No Derivatives license, which means that you can reuse and redistribute the book’s contents as long as you credit those who developed the materials, do not use them for commercial purposes, and do not change the contents, in order to preserve the materials from other sources in their original state.


Books on AsiaBooks on Asia - In order to enhance the activities described in this e‐book, the librarians and students working on Asia 1-2-3 have also included a list of books
that may be useful to librarians or teachers in planning longer programs. Most books can be easily found at bookstores,, or public libraries, and for the few out‐of‐print titles, we had great success searching online used books sites such as AbeBooks.


Updated October 22, 2013

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