History Of The Present: New Populism And The Case Of Poland

Thursday, March 22, 2018 - 12:00pm
4217 Posvar Hall

Join Tomasz Sawczuk for a discussion of the Polish version of a contemporary illiberal and populist politics. Mr. Sawczuk will present the historical background that has led to the current populist and illiberal developments in Polish politics and remark on the strategic situation of the liberal opposition, with thoughts on both how best to and how best not to respond to the populist agenda and contemporary illiberalism.

Tomasz Sawczuk is a political writer and an editor at the Polish sociopolitical weekly magazine "Kultura Liberalna". A law and philosophy graduate at the University of Warsaw in Poland, he is working there on a doctoral dissertation in philosophy devoted to the pragmatist liberalism of Richard Rorty. Thanks to a grant from The Kościuszko Foundation, he is currently a visiting scholar at the University of Pittsburgh (Department of Philosophy). Subsequently, he will be a visiting scholar at the Indiana University (Department of Political Science). He is the author of an upcoming book on contemporary Polish politics, "Nowy liberalizm. Jak zrozumieć i wykorzystać kryzys III RP" ("New Liberalism. How To Understand And Respond To The Crisis Of The Third Republic Of Poland").