The Slavic bibliographer of Hillman Library, Computing and Information Services staff, University Center for International Studies, and REES have been joint sponsors since 1994 of REESWeb. This site is a comprehensive index of electronic information resources on Russia, the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, CIS/NIS, and the Soviet Union. REESWeb is designated the official Virtual Library for its field in the CERN World Wide Web Directory and has been consistently ranked (by organizations such as Point Survey and Argus) among the best and most frequently visited public service sites on the Internet.

Hillman Library
Hillman Library of the University of Pittsburgh has developed a Russian and East European collection of over 425,000 volumes, of which 285,000 are in the languages of the area, plus hundreds of newspapers and periodicals from or about the region. Many of the latter are in electronic format, on external databases, or on CD-ROM. The East European collection includes nearly 70,000 holdings in Polish literature, history, politics, and culture as well as rare books, newspapers, and musical scores that were formerly housed at Alliance College. There is also a special collection of Slovak monographs and serials. The REES collection is managed by a Slavic bibliographer, a professional cataloguer, and several part-time specialists. The Slavic bibliographer arranges orientation sessions for classes and individuals.

Video Collection
A collection of over 7,000 Russian and East European films, which is under continuous development, is housed in the University's Media Resource Center. Other materials relating to the region are found in the fine arts library, the libraries of the law and business schools, and the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs/Economics library. An extensive exchange of materials with Russian and East European institutions provides material unavailable through other sources.