The Center for Russian and East European Studies

The Center for Russian and East European Studies (REES) at the University of Pittsburgh is an interdisciplinary center focused on Central and Eastern Europe and the successor states of the Soviet Union. As a Title VI National Resource Center (NRC) funded by the US Department of Education, REES plays a critical role in promoting regionally focused scholarship and teaching on Pitt’s campus and raising knowledge and awareness about our part of the world among wider communities in the Pittsburgh area and beyond. REES-associated faculty come from the humanities, social sciences, and professional schools such as law, business, education, public health, public and international affairs, and engineering. Aside from facilitating scholarship in the region, the Center also develops and supports student programs focused on foreign language acquisition, cultural immersion, and interdisciplinary area studies certificates to complement traditional disciplinary degrees.  Furthermore, the Center has played a key role to support technical and economic development in the countries of our region. Looking beyond Pitt, our numerous domestic and international partner institutions and associates provide additional resources to help support study abroad programs, visiting scholars, and other activities.