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Final Examination Options

History 0200 Eastern Europe

Professor Irina Livezeanu

Fall 1998


You may choose to take an in-class final on Saturday, December 19, 8-9:50. The in-class exam will be a short answer and short essay exam concentrating on the second half of the course.

Or you may do the take-home that will be due in my office on December 16 before 5:00 p.m. If you choose to do the take-home, please follow these instructions:


1. On Tuesday, December 8, let me have your topic in writing, typed up in the form of a paragraph, explaining what you are planning to do.

You may choose one of the following two general topics:

a. Current events & History: Do some research in current magazines, newspapers, or other news sources available on the web, and find a problem in contemporary East European politics, economics, or society that provokes your interest. (You may wish to go back to the problem you chose for your very first writing assignment, but you don't need to.) One example would be recent news about the Romanian Iron Guard wishing to register as a political party in Romania. Write a 2-3 page essay about the issue you have chosen basing it both on the recent reportage, and on historical background based on the course materials we have read regarding the issue you have chosen. For example, on the Iron Guard you would read ch. 4 of Longworth, Codreanu, lecture notes, and you would view the film "An Unforgettable Summer," and write an essay explaining the way in which the historical background makes a difference in how you understand the current politics. (It is necessary and important to choose a contemporary issue with a history.)

b. Film & History: View one of the following movies and write a historical analysis of it of 2-3 pages:

  • Kolya
  • The Shop on Main Street
  • Europa, Europa
  • Camera Buff
  • Man of Iron

(If you have another film you would like to write on, I will consider it, based on its relevance to this course.) You may use additional sources, such as articles or film reviews, but be sure, as always, to credit them and to cite them properly.

2. Thursday, December 10, receive back from me the ok on your topic, or comments on how to revise it.

3. Hand in essay Wed. December 16 to me or the History Department secretary before 5:00.


If you are not on time with your topics or essays, you will have to take the in-class final exam.




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