East European History

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Websites Related to East European History


The University of Pittsburgh's Web Site for their Slavic &Eastern European Film Collection

Transcript of the Ceausescu Trial, December 1989

Czech Website Commemorating the 1989 Velvet Revolution

Stalinism - its origins and its future -- with a great section of Stalinist dictator biographies

1956 - Hungarian Revolution "Those Heroic Days" (a timeline of events)

Reproductions of 1956 articles about the Hungarian Revolution from the New York Times

Polish Jews in WWII

Museum of Tolerance

Holocaust Cybrary

Documents relating to Holocaust in Romania

Winston Churchill - Iron Curtain Speech March 5, 1946

The Black Hand - Secret Serbian Society

Sarajevo, June 28, 1914 - the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Treaty between Romania and the Allies, 1919 - Protection of Minorities

Treaty of Trianon

Austrian Reichstag and Peasant Deputies

Jewish Emancipation - 1848

A Short Biography of Mickiewicz

Declaration Relative to the Declaration of Hungary from Austria

A comparison of 1848 and 1989

Stirring Times in Austria - by Mark Twain - Harper's 1898

Masaryk: Independent Bohemia (1915)

Bosnian Muslims During Balkan Wars



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