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Thank you for your interest in the European Studies Center’s Brussels Study Tour!
Each summer the University of Pittsburgh’s European Studies Center (ESC) plans a five-day trip to Brussels, Belgium to learn about the European Union in collaboration with university partners from across the nation. Tour participants gain first-hand knowledge about several issues the EU currently faces—Brexit, migration and diversity, and security—through a series of site visits to EU institutions, think tanks, NGOs, and a European school.

Who can apply for a travel grant?
Undergraduates of the University of Pittsburgh, K-12 teachers, and community college or minority-serving institution faculty may apply. The ESC runs both a regional and national search to award travel grants for both K-12 teachers and post-secondary faculty. Educators from the Western Pennsylvania region or from across the nation can apply.

Applications for the 2018 Brussels Study Tour will be accepted beginning January 8, 2018.