Virtual Briefing: The Transatlantic Relationship After the First 100 Days

April 3, 2017

The referendum on Brexit and the new foreign policy priorities of American President Donald Trump hold the potential for significantly altering EU-US relations over the next few years.   

The Jean Monnet European Union Centers of Excellence at the University of Pittsburgh and Florida International University have joined together with the European Union Studies association to assemble a panel of experts to explore the state of transatlantic relations after the first one hundred days of the Trump Presidency. What are the prospects for a multi-lateral trade agreement? Have new security concerns changed traditional defense priorities?  How does the current stage of the Transatlantic relationship compare to other episodes in its history?  What can American businesses and professionals expect moving forward?

Alasdair Young, Professor of International Affairs, Co-Director for the Center for European and Transatlantic Studies, The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Georgia Tech

Kathleen McInnis, International Security Analyst, Congressional Research Service

Michael H. Smith, Professor in European Politics, University of Warwick

Markus Thiel, Assoc. Professor & Director, Jean Monnet EU Center of Excellence, Florida International University

Go deeper into the issues than is possible from regular press coverage.  This virtual briefing will provide not only a detailed analysis of transatlantic trade and security prospects, but also some context for understanding this particular moment and what is at stake moving forward. The panel will be conducted entirely on-line.  You are invited to join from your home or office computer, tablet, or smart phone.  

This event is limited to the first 100 people/groups to register. To register or for more information, go to 

Students or faculty at the University of Pittsburgh or Florida International University can join our live stream event in person.  At Pitt, the event will be streamed in 4217 Posvar Hall.  At FIU, join us in GL 156 (Green Library Resource Center).