Library Research Advisor

The Library Research Advisor is an appointed Teaching Fellow from the EUCE/ESC and s/he works together with Phil Wilkin, the EU Delegation Library Bibliographer.  If you are a Pitt student who wants to write a paper on a topic related to Western Europe and/or the European Union, the advisor can help you with the following: Assess the feasibility of your research paper. The advisor can help you determine whether there is enough research material at Pitt or online that will allow you to start and complete your research paper. Locate secondary literature, that is, articles and books, which will allow you to have a better understanding of your topic.  Find primary documents, such as speeches, declarations, official reports, etc., which you can use as evidence to support the argument that you make in the paper. Most students who ask for the advisor's help write papers that are required for courses. However, the advisor will be happy to help you with any projects, even if they are not course related, provided that they are of an academic nature. For example, any student is encouraged to seek the advisor's assistance when prepapring a paper for a student conference, such as Undergraduate Research Symposium or the Graduate Student Conference on the European Union.

Who is the Library Research Advisor? Evgeny Postnikov is the Library Research Advisor.  He is a PhD student in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs.  If you would like to speak with Evgeny you can reach him at or phone 412-648-7736.  To meet with him, please schedule an appointment in advance.  The advisor's desk is located within UCIS, on the fourth floor of Posvar Hall, room 4200.  Ask the front receptionist if you need further assistance.