Resource Guides for Teaching the EU


This website is targeted at elementary and secondary level instructors (K-12) who are beginning to teach the EU or are interested in integrating EU topics into their curriculum. The website contains the following sections with links: Curriculum Units, Reference Materials and Teaching Tools, Play Corner, and Other Useful Links.

 Curriculum Units includes a collection of lesson plans for grades 6-12. Reference Materials and Teaching Tools provides background information on the EU, EU institutions and agencies, key topics in EU politics, and European news servers along with audio and video materials.  Play Corner helps to test and improve students’ knowledge of the EU and the Euro in an entertaining way. Other Online Resource Guides for Teaching the EU include EU resources for secondary education from The European Union Delegation to the US including EU simulations, fact sheets, and PowerPoint presentations.

Teaching the EU: a Classroom Guide to the EU and the Euro, hosted by the University of North Carolina Center for European Studies, is an on-line resource guide providing materials on the development of the European Union and the European Monetary Union. It is an excellent starting point for exploring the basics of the EU.

Resources on the EU for Secondary Level Instructors, from the European Union Studies Association, University of Pittsburgh, provides references on EU subjects for teachers across disciplines.