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Tuesday, January 17

Conversations on Europe - Calling Foul: Electoral Interference in the US and Europe
12:00 pm
4217 Posvar Hall
Sponsored by:
Center for Russian and East European Studies and European Studies Center
Ashley DiGregorio
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Have we entered a new age of cyber-sabotage? In this session of Conversations on Europe, our expert panel will explore episodes of foreign state interference in electoral politics in Europe and the U.S. past and present. From state-sponsored hacking to Wikileaks, what do we know about who is calling the shots? How have disinformation campaigns been used to meddle in domestic politics in countries throughout eastern and western Europe, and to what effect? For more information or to join remotely, contact Ashley Digregorio: aad87@pitt.edu.

This one is co-sponsored by the Center for Russian and East European Studies.

Allyson Delnore, Interim Director, European Studies Center

John R. Deni, Research Professor of National Security Studies, Gen. Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research, Strategic Studies Institute
Florian Hartleb, Independent Scholar and Consultant, E-Estonia and digitization
Helga Druxes, Professor, Williams College
William Dunn, Professor, GSPIA
Sean Guillory, Blogger and Podcaster, Center for Russian and East European Studies Affiliate