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Tuesday, February 6

Rojo Amanecer (Mexico)
CLAS- Latin American Cinema
6:30 pm
Sponsored by:
Center for Latin American Studies
Diana Shemenski
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CLAS-Latin American Cinema Series 2018/ CLAS- Serie de Cine Latinoamericano 2018

Rojo Amanecer (Jorge Fons, Mexico, 1990)

Come and join us for a great film and pizza!
Free and open to the public!

Rojo Amenecer is a film about the Tlatelolco Massacre in the section of Tlatelolco in Mexico City in the evening of October 2, 1968. It focuses on the day of a middle-class Mexican family living in one of the apartment buildings surrounding the Plaza de Tlatelolco (also known as the Plaza de las Tres Culturas)[1] and is based on testimonials from witnesses and victims.

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