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Saturday, March 17

Let's Explore Africa Quiz Competition!
Road to 2018 National Championship
10:30 am
Sponsored by:
African Studies Program and Global Studies Center
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Let's Explore Africa Quiz Competition for 4th-7th grade students! 4th-7th grade @10:30am, 8th to 12th grade @11:30am!

Register at www.letsexploreafrica.net!

Purpose and Mission-
Let's Explore Africa is a quiz competition about Africa. Africa, the second largest continent in the world and home to over a billion people is perhaps the most misunderstood region on the planet. To some it is a country, to many it is an area plagued with diseases, and to a few it is just a safari. Dr. Sandra Frempong, an accountant and educator wrote books and created the quiz competition to help broaden people's knowledge about the continent. The quiz competition started in 2014. Contestants have thoroughly enjoyed playing the fun trivia and learn more about Africa as they navigate the continent from Cape Town to Casablanca. Players answer multiple choice questions at various difficulty levels. Questions highlights geography, entertainment, people, literature, symbols, resources, etc.

Eligibility- The competition is open to the general public, admission is free and the minimum age to compete is ten (10). There are tournaments for K-12 and college students. We strongly encourage and welcome schools to participate. Eligible k-12 students will compete at grade levels as follows
Level 1 = (4th - 6th graders)
Level 2 = (7th - 9th graders)
Level 3 = (10th - 12th graders)

Quiz Rules
1) The competition will be offered in two rounds.
2) Student can compete as a team or as individual for the preliminary round.
3) In Round 1 (first 20-30 trivia questions) student/s with the most correct answers will advance to Round 2 (final).
4) In the final round, the match-up will be team versus team or individual versus individual. Therefore, if only one team remains, the group members from that team shall select a delegate who will compete against other 'individual' students. However, should the reverse be the case, that one student will have the option to compete alone against the remaining teams.
5) Round Two (second 40-60 trivia questions): Student/s with the most correct answers is the winner.
6) If there is a tie, a tiebreaker question will be offered.

How much do YOU know about Africa? You are invited to join us in this fun, educational quiz competition. Come and test your knowledge. Be a contestant!
Let’s Explore Africa!