Program Courses

Please note that courses are offered by various departments and schools across the University, which maintain the right to alter course offerings prior to the start of a new term. To double-check scheduling accuracy, students should confirm information with the relevant departments before finalizing registration.

Global Concentration Courses

Academic Year 2018-19

Academic Year 2017-18


Foreign Language Courses

The University of Pittsburgh offers more than 40 languages. A complete listing of language course offerings per term can be found at the Arts and Sciences course description site. Please note that language courses taught through the Department of Less Commonly Taught Languages (Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, Hungarian, etc.) can be found under the heading Linguistics at this same site. Once you click on a specific department (i.e. Linguistics, French) be sure to click on the button “List All” in order to view complete list of courses offered per term.

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