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Global Studies Center: Mission

The Global Studies Center advances interdisciplinary, cross-cultural research and learning on issues of global concern in four broadly defined areas: global health, global security, global economy and global society. Our coordination of these research and curricular foci maximizes existing international resources at the University, including the work of the regional area centers, by uniting the study of global issues with their study across particular regions and cultures over time. By coordinating and enhancing global curricula across the University, the Center enables graduate and undergraduate students to pursue an interdisciplinary Global Studies certificate and a Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) in International and Area Studies. Through its grant programs, lecture series, conferences, and outreach activities, the Center promotes faculty contributions to the knowledge of global issues at an enhanced standard of excellence.

Global Studies Center: Profile

The University of Pittsburgh’s Global Studies Center is a U.S. Department of Education (DOE) National Resource Center and Foreign-Language Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship grant recipient, one of seven US centers in the DOE’s “International” category. 

Pitt GSC support for university research, curriculum development, and outreach focuses on four broad areas (global economics, global health, global security and global society). University faculty members whose research and teaching intersect these areas number over 300 colleagues. Pitt graduate and undergraduate students took over 500 GSC-related area-studies and language courses this past year; 66 Pitt students received the Center’s Global Studies certificate, while three others graduated from the Pitt Honors College with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy (Global Studies track). The recent Pitt Rhodes Scholar (2012) is a GSC certificate holder, as well as a Global Studies Student Ambassador (volunteer intern). In the past year, GSC outreach to its K-12, post-secondary and other external constituencies reached over 8,000 people. The University Library System’s GSC-related holdings currently exceed 5.8 million items. Among Pitt GSC’s distinctive features, in comparison with other US Global Studies Centers of its kind, are two efforts: first, it offers a research-focused, global semester abroad (PittMAP) for Pitt undergraduates, who spend five weeks at three major research universities on three continents.  Second, it fosters active collaboration on the historical dimensions of global issues in partnership with Pitt’s World History Center and its Director, Mellon Professor Patrick Manning.

Faculty Grant Opportunities

GSC offers competitive faculty grants to support interdisciplinary international research, conferences, workshops, and curriculum development on global issues, which result in publications, curricular developments, and international scholarly ties, and which raise the international profile of the University of Pittsburgh.


GSC offers over $200,000 annually for Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships for undergraduate and graduate students to study less commonly taught languages (Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hebrew, Hindi, Portuguese, Swahili, Turkish, and Urdu.) The GSC also offers the Heinz Fellowship which is a two-year fellowship for graduate students from developing countries who demonstrate potential as future leaders.

Academic Programs

Certificate Programs

Through the graduate and undergraduate certificate program, students develop an awareness of major currents of global change and the issues it raises, the capacity for effective communication across cultural and linguistic boundaries, and personal adaptability to diverse cultures. Student chose one of six global concentrations (Changing identities in global world; Communication, technology and society; Conflict and conflict resolution; Global economy and global governance; Global Health; and Sustainable development) and unit it with a study of a particular region and language.

Bachelor of Philosophy in International and Area Studies

The Bachelor of Philosophy Degree in International and Area Studies (BPHIL IAS) is offered by the University Honors College (UHC) in cooperation with the University Center for International Studies (UCIS) area studies centers and programs. It is an interdisciplinary major that emphasizes scope, in-depth study, critical thinking and rigorous independent scholarship and appeals to those who are attracted to the challenge of serious research focusing on a world region or on transnational global trends.


GSC’s outreach program draws on the outstanding resources available at Pitt in order to provide resources and sponsor activities that enrich the intellectual and cultural life of K-12 students and teachers, university/college faculty, local business groups, and the Pittsburgh community in general. GSC’s outreach program offers six different types of resources: workshops, professional development, Act 48 Credit, lending library and resources, speakers bureau, and lectures.

International Week

International Week aims to expand the awareness of and interest in global learning opportunities by celebrating the intercultural diversity of campus life. This annual event also promotes collaboration of various divisions and departments as well as student groups on campus and strengthens the University of Pittsburgh as a center for international education.

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