Islamic Arts and National Cultures

TitleIslamic Arts and National Cultures
Publication TypeFilm
Year Released2005
AuthorsKochumkulkizi E, Suanda E, Benitez FB, Waugh D
Series TitleIslam, Asia, Modernity
EditionPanel 3 of 6
PublisherHenry M. Jackson School of International Studies
KeywordsIndonesia, national and regional arts

A three day conference to explore the changing politics, practices, and representations of Islam in Asia; how these changes are studied, documented, taught, and represented in the academy and the media; and how these practices affect politics, society, and culture in Muslim Asia.
Panel 3 of 6:
Elmira Kochumkulkizi: Reforming Kyrgz Islam: Nomadic Customs vs. Islamic Shari'a
Endo Suanda, Indonesian College of the Arts (Indonesia): National and Regional Arts: Translating Islam into Local Cultures in Indonesia

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