Global Operations Support

Pitt to the World, the World to Pitt

All Pitt faculty, staff, and students traveling abroad on University business, programs, and activities have access to an array of global operations initiatives and web applications that facilitate international work and travel. The global operations services also cater to administrative procedures necessary for visitors coming to Pitt and for international partnership agreements.

Emergency Travel Assistance
This 24/7 service gives all students, faculty and staff members--who are traveling internationally on Pitt business--access to a global network of 11,000 professionals ready to help with routine travel advice, emergency travel assistance, and evacuation services.  Learn More >
Global Concierge
Ian McLaughlin is Pitt’s Global Operations Support Manager, aka the Global Concierge. His role is to facilitate and assist international activities, both incoming and outgoing. Contact Ian at Learn More >
Global Operations Support Website
The go-to place for all global operations information from travel tips and compensation for international research participants to guidelines for hiring workers in a foreign location, and everything in between. Learn More >
International Agreements System
To be launched in 2017, this new International Agreements Development and Delivery System will be a comprehensive international contracts database offering searchable and standardized agreement generation. Learn More >
Pitt Visitors Website
This website will provide information on procedures for campus visits by US or international researchers engaging in official scholarship as well as guidance on requirements for international visitors. It will be launched by the Export Controls Office in 2016. Learn More >