NCTA Summer Study in Asia

NCTA alumni are eligible for a variety of summer experiences in East Asia sponsored by both the University of Pittsburgh coordinating site and the national NCTA. Please read below for the opportunities for you this year.


China tour 2007

2007 China Study Tour


2014 NCTA Study Tour: Backroads of Japan


For the summer of 2014, NCTA is teaming up with Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO) to run a Study Tour to Japan July 26-August 6, 2014.  This study tour: “NCTA Backroads of Japan,” will be led by Dr. David Kenley of Elizabethtown College, a popular leader of previous NCTA study tours.  Dr. Kenley will be working in conjunction with a member of the GEEO team to give you content and context for the tour sites.   Unlike in years past, on this study tour you may bring a “guest” (a colleague, a spouse/partner, an adult child over the age of 18).


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Past Study Tours

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