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Peony Pavilion PerformanceAs the NCTA program has grown and expanded across the country, we have become increasingly interested in exploring ways that we can strengthen NCTA alumni teachers' interest in and commitment to improving teaching about East Asia. Within the Pittsburgh region we will support the following types of sustainability activities:






Japanese Dance (Nihon Buyo) Performance & Workshop

When: October 14 from 9:30-11:30am (light refreshments will be served at 9:30 and the presentation will begin at 10:00)

Where: O’Hara Student Center (4024 O'Hara St.), 1st floor Dining Room, University of Pittsburgh Main Campus,


Please join NCTA and the Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania on Saturday October 14 from 9:30-11:30am, as we welcome back our cultural ambassadors from Handa City (Japan) for a workshop on Nihon Buyo (日本舞踊).  Nihon Buyo is a form of Japanese dance that grew out of Kabuki theater movements. A presentation, followed by a short performance of Nihon Buyo will be given by dance master Shinojo Nishikawa and her troupe. At the end of the performance, participants will learn a Nihon Buyo based dance-fitness routine (so please wear comfortable/exercise clothing).


To register for this event or for more information, please email Patrick Hughes at hughespw@pitt.edu (teachers, please include your PPID# if you would like Act 48 hours). 


**Act 48 hours will be requested for teachers who provide their PPID#
**Free parking in Soldiers &Sailors will be provided for NCTA Alumni








Online Book Discussion Group: Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea by Barbara Demick



Our book this Fall, Nothing to Envy, will focus on North Korea, a country prominently mentioned in world news.  Since North Korea has been consistently ruled by authoritarian leaders and is thus tightly controlled, it is only within the last fifteen years that we have been able to “hear” North Korean unofficial voices.  This book will help us understand why this change has occurred.  While there are numerous defector stories now available in the U.S., Barbara Demick has focused on six individuals from different backgrounds who managed to leave North Korea.  In that way the reader gains multiple perspectives on the lives of ordinary people.  In addition Demick has selected people from Chongjin, North Korea’s third-largest city located in the extreme north on the East coast.  Demick states in her Author’s Note, “I believed that I could verify facts more easily if I spoke to numerous people about one place.  I wanted that place to be far from the well-manicured sights that the North Korean government shows to foreign visitors.”  Through our study of  Demick’s book we will hope to better understand the effectiveness of the government’s societal controls, the variety of responses from the public, and North Korea’s recent impressive technological advances.


Registration deadline is September 20, 2017. For more information, including a registration form and a schedule of the readings, see the flyer: Nothing To Envy Flyer







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