Over the years, the African Studies program at the University of Pittsburgh has helped train many students both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. We are reaching out to all of our alumni wherever you maybe to connect with us through our social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) to strengthen our connections and continue conversations on African issues. We would like to keep updated on your progress professionally, your career, accomplishments and further education. As alumni, you can help provide useful feedback as we continue to build the program and train the next generation of Africanists. You are an important part of our network that we can call upon when we need speakers, mentors, internship opportunities and getting together. Keeping in touch and staying engaged is a great way to grow our network and to strengthen what we do, build stronger bonds and building a strong African Studies presence at the University of Pittsburgh for generations to come.


Connect with Us

Please complete the Alumni Update Form to share your demographic information with us. This information will allow us to ensure that we reach you with invitations to our alumni programs, engage with you, share information about our accomplishments in African Studies, and expand our alumni network.