About Us

Established in 2001 within the University Center for International Studies (UCIS), the African Studies Program (ASP) provides strategic leadership for Africa-related research and teaching for Pitt faculty, broadens opportunities for intellectual and community engagement for Pitt students, and connects the university with local and global stakeholders active in Africa. The program as part of its community service commitment, offers outreach to schools in the Pittsburgh area, the business community, churches and the general public. Outreach activities include in-service seminars for teachers in schools, traveling seminars for United States faculty in Africa, and Africa awareness seminars in schools and communities.


ASP offers both the Undergraduate and Graduate Certificates programs designed for students interested in learning about Africa and expanding their knowledge of an area of the world whose increasing importance cannot be overemphasized. The African studies courses offered and the out of the classroom educational activities provide students with the opportunity to widen their perspectives of Africa’s social, cultural, political and economic systems and deepen their insights into the profound impact of African societies on countries around the world particularly the Americas, Europe, and Asia. The program provides students an opportunity for in-depth study in specific areas of their professional and research interests and encourages them to explore the numerous programs available for studying abroad, service learning or internship in an African country. Upon successful completion of the program requirements, students receive the respective certificate in African Studies, which is also posted on their academic transcript attesting their international competence.