Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee (AC)
ASP’s Advisory Committee (AC) comprises 11 faculty members drawn from a wide range of departments and the professional schools. Their roles and responsibilities include advising the director, setting strategic priorities, supporting and providing guidance for program advancement. They play an important role in public relations to enhance the program’s standing, and provide the program director and staff with a fresh perspective on programmatic issues. They evaluate the program goals, provide feedback and technical expertise and assist the director and staff in determining important activities that meet the needs of students, faculty and other stakeholders.
The Advisory Committee is invaluable. They serve as a tremendous complement to the effectiveness of the African Studies program in enhancing program goals and objectives.  The committee meets every fall and spring terms, and as needed if there is any urgent business that requires their attention.
Current Advisory Committee:
  • Eric Beeko, Department of Africana Studies
  • Ron Brand, School of Law
  • Thuy Bui, School of Medicine
  • Yolanda Covington-Ward, Department of Africana Studies
  • Julius Kitutu, School of Nursing
  • Louis A. Picard, Graduate School of Public & International Affairs
  • Maureen Porter, School of Education
  • John Stoner, Department of History
  • Janice Vance, School of Health and Rehabiliation Sciences
  • Mari Webel, Department of History
  • Dr. Sylvanus Wosu, School of Engineering