African vs. Africana Studies

What’s the difference between the African Studies Program and the Department of Africana Studies?

The African Studies Program (ASP) is housed within the University Center for International Studies (UCIS) and is one of six area studies centers focusing on different regions of the world.  Our program focuses on the interdisciplinary study of Africa’s diverse peoples, nations and cultures. We are not under any school at the University of Pittsburgh but, rather, have affiliated faculty from most of the professional schools.  We offer certificate programs (for graduate and undergraduate students), organize lecture and cultural events on Pitt’s campus, have a strong presence in teaching about Africa in the community through local schools and our annual Model African Union, and conduct the Pitt in Tanzania, Pitt in Ghana, and Pitt in South Africa study abroad trips.
The Department of Africana Studies is housed under the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. As a department, it offers both a major and a minor in Africana Studies and houses its own faculty. The department's focus is on the study of the African people, both on the continent and throughout the African Diaspora (extending through the Americas, Europe, and Asia). From the Department's website:

"From critical and systematic study of ancient through contemporary African and African Diasporan cultures, we extract and evaluate clues on how to secure social justice against the pull of oppression, that is, how to achieve justice even in palpably unjust places where Africans on the Continent and in the Diaspora often live."  

How are we related?

Many of the courses that the Africana department offers also count towards the undergraduate certificate in African Studies. Furthermore, faculty members from the Department of Africana Studies are affiliated faculty of the African Studies Program because of their research and teaching focus. Students who choose to major or minor in Africana Studies can also receive a certificate in African Studies.  
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