Faculty Course Development Fund

The African Studies Program is pleased to announce availability of grant funds for innovative course development to expand undergraduate instruction in African content courses and African languages.   The initiative funded through the Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language (UISFL) program aims to support the development of new courses or the revision of existing courses to include significant content on Africa in efforts to enahnce African studies content in the curriculum.

Faculty affiliated to African studies who wish to develop a new course with at least 50% content on Africa may apply for the course development grant by submitting the following:

  •   Course Development Application Letter with specific information about when and where the course will be taught and how the course is expected to contribute to the current curricular of the African Studies program

  •   Completed application form available online

  •   A budget detailing course materials that will be purchased and a list of other funding sources if any

The deadline for submission is May 15, 2017.