Faculty Grants


In efforts to support and encourage participation by faculty in Africa-related educational activities, ASP through its Faculty Mini Grants initiative provides funding for travel to participate in conferences, research activities, and partnerships with counterparts in African institutions. Funding is also available for new course development aimed at enhancing the African Studies curriculum. Faculty affiliated to the African Studies program are encouraged to apply for these grants, which are awarded on a competitive basis. Junior faculty in particular are encouraged to apply to help support their up and coming scholarship and publication endeavors.


Source of Funding

Funding for these initiatives come from a grant awarded to the African Studies program by the U.S.. Department of Education under the Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language (UISFL) Program. The two year (2016/18) grant funding will support ASP’s efforts in planning, developing, and carrying out programs to strengthen and improve undergraduate instruction in African Studies and African languages, as well as faculty research and partnership engagements with African institutions. Up to 4 faculty members will receive a mini grant during each academic year of the two-year grant period (2016/2017 and 2017/2018.) Faculty interested in funding support should submit an application stating the purpose of the request (attending a conference, research or other, or developing a new courses) complete with a budget proposal. The total amount will be a maximum of $2,000 per faculty for travel and $4,000 for course development.


Application Deadlines:

Fall term December 1, 2017

Spring Term May 15, 2018

Summer Term July 1, 2018


Travel Grant

The purpose of the travel grant is to support faculty travel for academic activities that build knowledge and understanding through research and interdisciplinary conversations about the continent of Africa and the African Diaspora. To apply for a travel, grant, a faculty member must be planning to present original research at a recognized organized conference or professional meeting. For research travel, faculty must be planning to carry out research on a topic relevant to African Studies and the Diaspora and should commit to share their research funding at the “Let’s Talk Africa” series or at the “Critical Research on Africa” lecture series. 

For consideration please submit the following:

1.      An application letter

2.      Completed application form - Travel Grant Application

3.      A budget


Course Development Grant

The course development grant aims to support efforts in enhancing the teaching of Africa in the curriculum. To apply for the course development grant, a faculty member must be planning to develop a course with 100% content on Africa or revise an existing course to include at least 50% content on Africa.

For consideration please submit the following:

1.      An application letter

2.      Completed application form - Course Development Grant Application

3.      A budget