Faculty Spotlight


Dr. Andrew Reid 




Dr. Andrew Reid, a professor in the history department, will be holding a discussion Afro-Latin America. Afro-Latin America can be defined as the people of African ancestry living in Latin America. Dr. Reid began his research on Afro-Latin America while trying to come up with a dissertation topic in graduate school and happened to stumble upon a magazine article about the disappearance of blacks in Argentina. From there his work continued to different countries in Latin America such as Brazil and Uruguay.As part of the university's series of book symposium, Dr. Reid will be holding a brief a discussion with guest speakers on his recent book entitled  Afro-Latin America: Black lives 1600-2000 which is based off of a series of lectures given at Harvard University The book is a collection of lectures given at Harvard University on the specific ways of learning about Afro-Latin America. If you are interested in learning more about Afro-Latin America come and listen to Dr. Reid's talk. The talk is free and open to the public. 


Fun Fact: Dr. Reid is part of a rowing team here in Pittsburgh and last competed in the Head of Ohio race.