Swahili Student Association

The Swahili Student Association (SSA) is an organization about  learning more about East African cultures or polishing their Swahili skills. SSA exposes members and guests tothe practices of Swahili culture through conferences, events, places, and interaction; which will allows students to practice their Swahili and to share their knowledge with other Pitt students. Other activities of SSA include presentations, fun events, and discussions about modern Swahili culture and the many countries that speak Swahili. Meetings take place once every other week on Wednesday nights at 9pm and is open to all students, faculty, and guests.  The activities of SSA primarily include teaching and reviewing Swahili in fun and engaging ways. Members are encouraged to continue their study of Swahili through the Less Commonly Taught Languages Center (LCTL).

To learn more about the Swahili Club or become an active member, contact SSA at swahiliassociation@gmail.com.


Executive Board Members:

President: Nicole Njuguna                                                                                                            
  Email: nin19@pitt.edu                                                                                                                   
  Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00am-12:30pm 
Vice President Effie Sarara 
  Email: eks40@pitt.edu
Business Manager: Rachel Nwafo      
  Email: ron20@pitt.edu 
Secretary: Megnote Haile
Public Relations Chair: Matilda Izevbigie