The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Pittsburgh. Students interested in enrolling for the program are encouraged to enroll early in their studies to give them ample time to develop a plan of study that will allow for timely completion of the certificate requirements. Students should first schedule an appointment to meet with the African Studies Program’s undergraduate student advisor within the semester of enrollment to discuss plans. The advisor will answer any questions about the program and provide important guidance.  

Undergraduate Students Enrollment:

To enroll in the certificate program, undergraduate students go through the MyPitt Global App (Suitable), the student platform that will help track progress throughout the program including completing the certificate and making it easy to record other global experiences students have while on campus or abroad.

To download the iPhone app or the Android app, search for "Suitable" in an app store. Open the app and move through the process of setting a temporary password.

Click here to access Suitable online and follow the log in instructions.

Once you have logged in:

Click here for directions to enroll via your desktop/laptop computer.

Click here for directions to enroll via the app on your smartphone.


Graduate Students Enrollment:

Complete the application form online and return to us for processing