Affiliated Faculty

Barry Ames

Andrew W. Mellon Professor and Department Chair, Department of Political Science

(412) 648-7276
Countries of Interest: Mozambique
Comparative Politics; Decentralization/ Devolution of Political Economy in Sub-Saharan Africa
Susan Andrade

Associate Professor, Department of English

(412) 624-6550
Cultural/Women's Studies, Post-Colonial African Literature, and African Fiction
Elena Baylis

Associate Professor, School of Law

Countries of Interest: Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone
International Law and the Interaction Between International and Community Groups in Post-Conflict States
Eric Kwadwo O. Beeko

Adjunct Faculty, Department of Africana Studies & Department of Music

(412) 648-7548
Countries of Interest: Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa
Ethnomusicology; Performing Arts; Ghanaian Neo-Pentecostal Performance Traditions; Black Performance Aesthetics and Politics of Identity
Chris Belasco

Adjunct Professor

Governance, Human Development, Foreign Aid, Peace through Development
Mildred Emefa Biaku


International Education, Child Labor
Carol Mastrangelo Bove

Senior Lecturer, Department of English

(412) 624-6631
World Literature and Film; Translation Studies; and Literature and Psychoanalysis
Jerome Branche

Professor of Latin American and Cultural Studies,

Department of Hispanic Languages and Literatures

(412) 624-5468
Racialized Modernity and How Creative Writers Imagine and Articulate Slavery, Freedom, the Nation, Being, and Gender
Ronald A. Brand

Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg University Professor, School of Law

Academic Director, Center for International Legal Education

(412) 648-1307
Countries of Interest: Kenya, Tunisia
International Legal Education, Private International Law, Comparative Law, Dispute Resolution
Betty Braxter

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

(412) 624-7188
Women and Adolescent Health
Robin Brooks

Assistant Professor, Department of Africana Studies

Countries of Interest: Jamaica, U.S.
20th and 21st Century Literature, African-American, Caribbean, and American Multiethnic Literatures, Feminist Theories and Postcolonial Studies
Thuy D. Bui

Associate Professor of Medicine and Medical Director, Program for Health Care to Underserved Populations

(412) 692-4888
Countries of Interest: Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania
Social Determinants of Health, Global Health Education, Clinical Reasoning
John M. Burkoff

Professor of Law

(412) 648-1301
Countries of Interest: Kenya
Human Rights, Criminal Justice, Legal Ethics
Christopher R. Cook

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Pitt Johnstown

Director of International Studies, Pitt Johnstown

(814) 269-2977
Countries of Interest: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Peacekeeping, The Connection Between Conflict and Economic Exploitation, Media and Press Perceptions of African Conflict
Caitlin Corrigan

Adjunct Professor

Mineral Mining, Extractive Industries, Natural Resource Management, Human Security, Public Service, International Development, Program Evaluation
Yolanda Covington-Ward

Assistant Professor

(412) 648-7556
Countries of Interest: Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Liberia
Anthropology, Cultural Performance
Neil Doshi

Assistant Professor of French, Department of French & Italian

(412) 624-6260
Countries of Interest: Algeria
The Relationships Between Textual Forms and Live Performance in Postcolonial Contexts
Abimbola Fapohunda

Part-Time Faculty, Department of Africana Studies

Countries of Interest: Tanzania, Nigeria
Racial and Ethnic Health Disparaties
Muge Finkel

Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

(412) 383-9483
Countries of Interest: Egypt, Morocco
Social Policy, Economic Development
Steven Finkel

Department Chair and Daniel H. Wallace Professor of Political Science, Department of Political Science

(412) 648-7283
Countries of Interest: Kenya, South Africa
Comparative Political Behavior; Public Opinion; Democratization
Sandra Founds

Associate Professor, School of Nursing

(412) 624-3822
Research of Quantitative of Five Genes Differentially; Women's Health and Pregnancy
Felix Germain

Assistant Professor, Department of Africana Studies

Countries of Interest: France, the Caribbean, West Africa, and the United States
Race Relations, Colonization, Decolonization, Postcolonial Migration, Labor Relations, Black Social Movements, and Gender Relations
Laurence Glasco

Associate Professor, Department of History

(412) 648-7486
Race, Ethnicity, Urban History
Shelome Gooden

Associate Professor and Department Chair, Linguistics

African American Vernacular English, Creole Languages
W. James Jacob

Director, Institute for International Studies in Education

Associate Professor

Higher Education Management, Indigenous Education Issues of Culture, Language, and Identity, Capacity Building, Good Governance, Organizational Effectiveness
Lauren Jonkman

Assistant Professor

Countries of Interest: Namibia, Malawi
Public Health, International Pharmacy Practice
Jacob Kigo Kariuki

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Countries of Interest: Global
Health Equity, Global Health, Cardiovascular Health Disparity
Lois Kepes

Liaison Librarian, University of Librarian System

Julius Kitutu

Assistant Professor & Assistant Dean for Student Services, School of Nursing

Research Computing and Statistics
Leonora Kivuva

Instructor, Less Commonly Taught Languages Center

(412) 624-5512
Countries of Interest: Kenya, Tanzania
Swahili, multicultural education, linguistics
Joshua Kivuva

Visiting Scholar

Politics and Agriculture, Governance, Wealth Creation
William B. Kory

Associate Professor, Department Head, Geography (Pitt-Johnstown)

(814) 269-2994
Countries of Interest: Liberia, Egypt
Political Geography, Geodemography, Migration and Ethnicity,
Macrina Lelei

Associate Director, African Studies Program

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Administrative and Policy Studies, School of Education

(412) 648-2058
Countries of Interest: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia
Education in Africa, gender and education, rural communities and sustainable development
Michael Lewin

Lecturer in Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

Natural Resources and Minerals, Governance
Michael Lovorn

Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education, School of Education

Countries of Interest: South Africa
General Education, History and Social Studies Education, and Civil Rights Education
Filipo Lubua

Swahili Instructor, Less Commonly Taught Languages Center

Countries of Interest: Tanzania, Kenya & USA
Academic entrepreneurship in Instructional Technology, Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), Self-learning in LCTLs, Instructional technology and design, Online learning and teaching.
Siamak Malek

Clinical Instructor, School of Medicine

Jean Nachega

Associate Professor, Department of Infectious Disease and Microbiology, Department of Epidemiology

HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis in Africa
Paul Nelson

Associate Professor, Associate Dean, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

Human Rights and International Development
Solomon Ofori-Acquah

Associate Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine

Hematology/Oncology Division ; Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine Division

Director, Center for Translational and International Hematology,

Heart, Lung, Blood and Vascular Medicine Institute

(412) 648-9231
Countries of Interest: Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania
Molecular Hematology, Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), and Endothelial Biology Related to Novel Therapies for Pulmonary Vascular Dysfunctions
BioDun Ogundayo

Associate Professor, French and Comparative Literature, Pitt Bradford

French and Francophone Literature and Cultures,Yoruba, French, English, Hausa
Mary Ohmer

Associate Professor

Countries of Interest: Ghana
Social work and field placements in NGOs in Ghana
Louis Picard

Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

Countries of Interest: Ghana, Guinea, South Africa, Morocco, Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana, Ethiopia, Eritrea
African Politics, human security, international development
Maureen Porter

Associate Professor in Social and Comparative Analysis of Education

Project Director, Fulbright-Hays on Ethiopia

Human Rights, Migration, Culturally-Responsive Education Policy
Shalini Puri

Professor, Department of English and Director Literature Program

Post-Colonial, Cultural Studies
Marcus Rediker

Distinguished Professor, Department of History

Countries of Interest: Sierra Leone
Africa and the Atlantic,Early American History,Atlantic History,
Michele Reid-Vazquez

Assistant Professor, Department of Africana Studies

(412) 648-2143
African Diaspora in the Atlantic and Caribbean
Pernille Røge

Assistant Professor, Department of History

Countries of Interest: Senegal
Eighteenth-century France and Europe, Early Modern European Empires, Atlantic History, Intellectual History
Taylor Seybolt

Director, Ford Institute for Human Security

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

(412) 624-8691
Countries of Interest: Nigeria, Rwanda, Sudan and South Sudan (Darfur Region)
Humanitarian Intervention and Ethnic Conflict
Oronde Sharif

Lecturer and Advisor, Department of African Studies

African dance
Matiangai Sirleaf

Assistant Professor, School of Law

(412) 648-1364
Countries of Interest: Liberia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, South Africa
Public International Law, International Human Rights Law, Comparative Law, International Criminal Law, the Law of Emerging Nations as well as Law & Development
Martin Staniland

Associate Dean and Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

Countries of Interest: Ghana, Benin, Ivory Coast
EU Politics,economic issues, political economy
John Stoner

Undergraduate Advisor & Lecturer, Department of History

Countries of Interest: South Africa
Modern South Africa, American Cold War policy in Africa
Amir Syed

Visiting Assistant Professor

Construction of religious authority, scholarly culture, and Islamic knowledge practices
Christel Temple

Associate Professor, Department of Africana Studies

African,diaspora literature,cultural theory
Nuno Themudo

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

Public organization management, environment and development policy, corruption and transnational governance
Janice Vance

Director, Assistant Professor of Communication Science and Disorders, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Countries of Interest: Tanzania, South Africa
Applied linguistics,prosodic processing in children and adults, acquired neurogenic speech and language disorder
Peter Veldkamp

Director of Education, Division of Infectious Diseases and Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

HIV/AIDS, global health, general infectious diseases and tropical infections
Mari Webel

Assistant Professor, Department of History

(412) 648-7455
Modern Africa, History of Health and Disease, Environmental History, Imperialism and Colonialism
Josef Werne

Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Geology and Planetary Science

(412) 624-8775
Countries of Interest: The East African Rift Valley, especially Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia
Paleoclimate & Environmental Change, Biogeochemistry and Geobiology, Limnology
Sylvanus Wosu

Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Diversity, Swanson School of Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
Waganesh Zeleke

Adjunct Professor, Duquesne University

Autism intervention, international adoption, and childhood in Africa