Resources for Students and Teachers

For first time participants the following outside resources can be helpful to use to prepare for the simulation and to help writing resolutions: 

News and Information Websites The AU website contains information on the current agenda and ongoing missions  Resource for each country’s history, culture, politics.  2,000 reports and articles each day on Africa database for succinct summaries of historical events of your country Online almanac about the countries of the world

Videos Daily videos covering current events across the African continent South Africa's most popular 24-hour news channel focusing on pan-African issues CNBC's Africa bureau with videos focusing on economic, business, and political news


“The Fate of Africa: A History of the Continent since Independence”  by Martin Meredith 

"The History of Africa" by Molefi Kete Asante 

2015 African Union's Handbook 

AU HandBook An official guide to working with and within the actual African Union in Ethiopia. A  resource with a history of the AU, past missions, and other details.

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