Student Resources

The following outside resources may be helpful for first time and returning participants while conducting background research, and in preparation for the simulation. A Comprehensive Research Guide is available here

News and Information Websites
The official website for the African Union can be accessed as an additional resource. The website contains important information concerning the African Union's current agenda, ongoing missions, constitutive act and committees. is a wonderful resource with information on each country's history, culture and current political climate.
All Africa is home to more than 2,000 reports and articles on Africa and is updated daily!
This database provides succinct summaries of historical events for your country.
Online almanac about the countries of the world.
To read news stories, press releases and other up-to-date information please check out the following media outlets regional hub pages including the BBC, the Economist, Reuters, The New York Times: Africa or The New York Times: African Union, and The Guardian

The African Climate Policy Center is a hub for knowledge generation on climate change in Africa. It addresses the need for greatly improved climate information for Africa and strengthening the use of such information for decision making, by improving analytical capacity, knowledge management and dissemination activities. 

South Africa's most popular 24-hour news channel focusing on pan-African issues. 
CNBC's Africa Bureau with videos focusing on economic, business, and political news.

Previous Model African Union simulations, at both the high school and college level, can be found in the following links. While not entirely aligned with the African Studies Program Model African Union Conference model, these videos are an excellent training guide to familiarize yourself with the event! For more information see: Model African Union 2016 , 1st Model African Union Conference, or ALAMAU 2014.

The African Union Handbook 
African Union Hand Book An official guide to working with and within the actual African Union in Ethiopia including the history of the African Union, past missions, and other details.