What is Model African Union?

Model African Union

The Model African Union is a simulation that lets high school students role play as delegates to the African Union, where they represent one of the 54 African countries. Joining the Model African Union program requires a 2-part commitment by students and teachers.

1. In school and at home, students research and develop an understanding of the national interests and issues of the country they represent.

2. At the MAU Conference, students come prepared to negotiate, debate, and reach consensus on some of Africa's most urgent and life-impacting issues.

Students might propose a resolution for peace and security in West Africa; tackle the issue of urban youth unemployment in Africa's largest cities; or address sustainable agriculture in the context of population growth.


Where and When is the Conference?

MAU is usually held on the University of Pittsburgh Campus in the neighborhood of Oakland located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 2022, the conference will be held virtually on the Zoom platform because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. MAU is usually held each spring on a week day during normal school hours in the month of March. 


What's in it for Students?

Africa is the cradle of humanity and home to 1 billion people. When Generation Z -- today's high schoolers -- is in their forties and fifties they will have witnessed an astounding population increase on the continent. By 2050, 1.3 billion people will be added to the African population; they will acount for more than half of the world's population growth. The African continent is made up of 54 countries and more than 2,000 distinct ethnic groups. From the Amhara living in the Horn of Africa and the Hausa in parts of western Africa to the Shona and Zulus in the South, the poeple of Africa offer a panoply of languages and cultures. 

Studnets will:

  • Gain an understanding of African culture and history
  • Learn about and researcn issues that affect Africans
  • Appreciate another culture's way of achieving results
  • Improve negotiation, debate, and leadership skills
  • Better prepared for college success
  • Connect with new people and make new friendships

The Center for African Studies

In our role as experts on Africa, we promote the interdisciplinary study of Africa and its people. We do this by teaching, research, and otureach programming -- like the Model African Union -- that brings alive the study of Africa and its people for students and teachers in Western Pennsylvania and the wider Pittsburgh community.


What is the African Union?

The African Union is a pan-African organization that represents the 54 countries of Africa in the global economy and at the United Nations. Formed in 2002, the African Union addresses social, economic, and political challenges that, often, have been compounded by colonization and globalization. Delegates to the African Union work to foster a strong and united Africa that will spur economic development and improve the livelihood of the African people.

The vision of the African Union is "An integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in global arena."

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