Paige Alderson

Paige is in her fourth year of graduate studies at The University of Pittsburgh School of Law and Graduate School for Public and International Affairs (GSPIA). Her focus while completing her Masters in Public and International Affairs has been on human security, African studies and international development. During her time in the program, she has worked for the Ford Institute Working Group on Gender Equality in Public Administration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and is co-authoring a book with Dr. Louis A. Picard on Hidden Peoples in Uganda. Ms. Alderson has completed work with the United States Department of State Atrocities Prevention Bureau on issues relating to post-conflict and transitional justice in South Sudan and is serving as a Graduate Student Outreach Fellow in the African Studies Department. She has spent time overseas  researching and working in Uganda, The Gambia and Senegal. As part of her work with African Studies, Paige will oversee the Model African Union program for high school students in the Greater Pittsburgh Area and expand Pitt's outreach by raising awareness of African initiatives in today's increasingly globalized world.