Pitt Model African Union

The Pitt Model African Union Club comprises our students interested in learning about the African Union and preparing to participate in the National Model African Union Conference. Our students under the guidance of their faculty advisor undertake intensive research about assigned countries and topics. They then participate in the MAU simulation of the proceedings of the African Union, augmented by Embassy briefings  in Washington, D.C.  The MAU provides a unique opportunity for university and college students to study the role, structure and activities of the African Union as well as the economic, social, and political-security issues facing African countries. 

The model is designed to:


·         Increase awareness of the role, structure and performance of the African Union

·         Highlight key economic, social and political-security issues facing the African continent

·         Demonstrate the patterns of cooperation between the African Union, the United Nations and other international


·         Generate understanding of the multi-various determinants, capabilities and constraints that shape the foreign policies of

          member states of the African Union

·         Demonstrate patterns of cooperation and conflict that characterize intra-African diplomacy in the search for solutions to

          continental issues

·         Highlight impact of major power global policies on economic, social and political-security issues facing the African

          continent as well as attempts to influence the policies of major powers in matters of common concern


Students interested in joining the MAU Club at pitt should contact Mr. Stephen Larzen Juma slj43@pitt.edu