Pitt's Presence in Africa

This interactive map depicts the various connections the Center for African Studies at Pitt has in the continent of Africa. The reach of the Center for African Studies in Africa is quite large; however, even more expansive is Africa’s footprint on African Studies. Our alumni hail from across the continent; the green dots identify where some of our alumni were born, currently live, or work. The yellow dots identify where our current students or their families reside or are from. The various opportunities that African Studies offers—internships, study abroad programs, and research—are identified by the red dots on the map. The blue dots on the map represent the locations that our scholarship winners traveled to in Africa. Studying or researching abroad does not have to be expensive; you can obtain funding. We encourage all interested students to apply for scholarships to go abroad. Our program is fortunate to bring in Fulbright Language Teaching Assistants (FLTA) from the African continent to help in the teaching of our Swahili classes. The black dots depict where our FLTAs originate from. African Studies’ visiting scholars can be identified on the map by the orange dots. As you can see, these scholars come from northern, southern, western, and eastern parts of Africa.