Student Organized Events

There are various student organizations on campus that also host events aimed at educating the public about Africa and its many cultures and diversity.


The African Students Organization (ASO) is a cultural student organization of the University of Pittsburgh whose main purpose is to promote and create cultural awareness on Pitt's campus regarding the diversity of African cultures and foster an effective networking and support network for students. They do this by holding bi-weekly General Body Meetings (GBM) in the Union on various topics, as well as hosting different events throughout the semester including the annual Gala (fall), the Wazobia fashion show (spring), the African pageant, and their invited guest speaker’s series. The organization’s main focus is to educate about Africa and how it can relate to the Diaspora. Membership is open to all Pitt students interested in African Studies.  


The Pan-African Graduate & Professional Student Union (PanAf GPSU) serves all graduate and professional students at Pitt with research and/or cultural interests in Black America, the African Continent, the Caribbean, West Indies, Latin America, and the entire Diaspora. PANAf coordinates events that improve the quality of cross-cultural relationships and education for students of color in higher education and improves research on topics relevant to diaspora issues.