China or Chinese Studies Graduate Student Conference Presentation Grants

Contact Person: 
Emily Rook-Koepsel
Deadline details: 

Applicants must apply before conference dates. Applications will be accepted Sept. 15, Dec. 1, March 15, July 15. If you are accepted for a conference after one deadline but before the next one, please contact Emily Rook-Koepsel ( for more information.


Grant is available to MA and doctoral students in Chinese studies. Priority is given to first-time applicants.

Please complete the submittable application here: Applications should be submitted BEFORE the conference takes place. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Decisions will be made on applications on or around the 15th of August, October, December, February, and April.
The application will prompt you to complete the application form and upload:

  1. A letter of support from your advisor
  2. Evidence of conference participation
  3. A detailed budget listing cost of travel, lodging, meals, conference registration, and incidentals
  4. An updated CV.

Please note:

  1. Travel to conference grants are limited to $300/per conference for domestic conference (including Mexico and Canada but excluding Hawaii).
  2. Travel to conference grants are limited to $600/per conference for international conferences (including Hawaii), assuming the applicant is not already in, for example, China, in which case it is treated as domestic travel.
Grant Eligibility: 
Scholarship sponsors: 
$600 (international or Hawaii); $300 (domestic, including Mexico and Canada)
Purpose of grant: 
This grant provides partial support to defray costs associated with presenting a conference paper with a focus on China or Chinese Studies
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