Japan Studies Graduate Student Conference Participation Grants

Contact Person: 
Emily Rook-Koepsel
Deadline details: 

Applicants must apply before conference dates. Applications will be accepted Sept. 15, Dec. 1, March 15, July 15. If you are accepted for a conference after one deadline but before the next one, please contact Emily Rook-Koepsel (rookkoepsel@pitt.edu)

  • Applicants must be presenting conference papers focused on Japan
  • Grants are capped at 2 per year per student
  • The grants can only be applied to airfare, hotel, and conference registration.
  • Preference is given to first-time applicants.

Students must complete the application here, and upload:

  • an updated CV
  • evidence of conference acceptance
  • a letter of support from their advisor
  • a detailed budget listing costs of travel, lodging, meals, conference registration, and incidentals.
  • an abstract of their conference paper

Expenses must be submitted for reimbursement within 14 days of return.

Grant Eligibility: 
Scholarship sponsors: 
Up to $1000 for international and $500 for domestic
Purpose of grant: 
This grant provides partial support to graduate students for the presentation of conference papers focused on Japan
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Conference Grant: