Summer Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships for Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Contact Person: 
Emily Rook-Koepsel

Fellows must be enrolled in an intensive program of language study.

  1. The study program must provide the fellowship recipient with the equivalent of one academic year of foreign language study.
  2. Study programs must be approved by the Asian Studies Center.
  3. Summer FLAS Fellowships can be used for Chinese and Japanese only at third-year level or above.  Summer FLAS Fellowships can be used for Korean at the second-year level or above.
  4. The language program must consist of at least 140 classroom hours for second-year courses; 120 hours for third or fourth-year courses.
  5. The language program must last a minimum of 6 weeks.
  6. The course must be taken for a letter grade that is based on tests administered during the course.
  7. Factors that are important in the review of applicants include the overall quality of the student’s academic record, and the relevance of the FLAS Fellowship target language to the student’s plan of study. These fellowships may only be awarded to US citizens or US permanent residents.

 Students must complete the application form here and send to Emily Rook-Koepsel at

  • Application form
  • Transcripts from each undergraduate and graduate program attended
  • An updated CV
  • A Personal Study Plan: 1-2 page double-spaced statement articulating the relationship between your area of study and anticipated future plans. This statement may also include a brief personal history including an experience(s) in or related to the grant.
  • A Language Study Plan: 1 page double-spaced statement indicating the FLAS-eligible language you propose to study, how you will continue to keep up your language upon return from your summer program, the extent of your current or previous language training, and a sense of how you intend to use your language going forward.
  • 1 letter of reference from a Language Instructor
  • 1 letter of reference from a non-Language instructor


Grant Eligibility: 
Scholarship sponsors: 
$5,000 of tuition + a stipend of $2,500
Purpose of grant: 
This grant, funded by the US Department of Education, assists the development of knowledge, resources, and trained personnel for modern foreign language and area studies; stimulates the attainment of foreign language acquisition and fluency
Contact details: