Welcome to the Confucius Institute at the University of Pittsburgh

Welcome to the University of Pittsburgh Confucius Institute (CI-PITT). CI-Pitt is a language and culture center dedicated to supporting the learning of Chinese language and culture for the greater public. CI-Pitt was founded in 2007 and was one of the first 25 Confucius Institute’s to be established worldwide. The Confucius Institute is a culture center developed and partially supported by the Confucius Institute Headquarters in Beijing China, also known as Hanban. Through the generous support of Hanban, Confucius Institute’s around the world develop programs and language initiatives to act as a bridge between China and other countries. CI-Pitt serves some 4,000 students in the K-16 (stats from 2013 Annual Report) arena in Pennsylvania and Ohio to create a platform to better understand and learn about China and the Mandarin Language.

CI-Pitt has a comprehensive initiative to pilot Chinese language programs in public and private schools in our region. Learn more about our awarding winning Guest Teacher Program here. In addition to being one of the premier Confucius Institute’s within the international Confucius Institute network (CI of the Year 2008, 2011, 2013, and 2015), CI-Pitt is dedicated to supporting cultural events, speech contests, and film series that are hosted in Pennsylvania through our comprehensive network of Confucius Classrooms.

To see more about our programs and mission:

The following is our full Annual Report for 2017 download click here.

Confucius Classrooms

CI-Pitt is in partnership with 68 schools in 15 counties in Pennsylvania and Ohio. The basis of this partnership stems from formalized programmatic alliances with outstanding schools that serve as “hubs” for activity and scholarship in the general region in which those schools are located. These smaller hubs within the larger consortium and are known as Confucius Classrooms. Confucius Classrooms act to oversee various programs and develop strategic alliances within their regions, and receive a special designation from the Confucius Institute Headquarters in Beijing. Confucius Classrooms also receive a small amount of funding to help develop programs and support language and cultural initiatives such as field trips to Asian museums, speech contests for their students, or cultural events such as small Chinese New Year celebrations. (Photos/Gallery)

Guest Teacher Program

One of our primary goals at CI-Pitt is to create sustainable, long-term Mandarin language programs for K-16 schools and to support and enhance Chinese language acquisition. One way we accomplish this is to provide schools the opportunity to offer Chinese by hosting a Guest Teacher in their school, and give the schools some time to develop a strategy for making Chinese part of the core curriculum. In the past seven years, eleven schools that began with CI-Pitt volunteer teachers hired full or part-time PA or Ohio certified language instructors and committed to making Mandarin part of their overall foreign language offerings. For more information about the Guest Teacher Program and Application click here.

Events for the General Public

Throughout the year CI-Pitt hosts a variety of cultural and academic events open and free to the public including Chinese New Year
celebrations, lectures on Chinese history and global economics, and teacher training workshops. click here for a full listing of our 2014-2015 events and programs.