Guest Teacher Program

CI-Pitt has one of the largest and most comprehensive Guest Teacher Programs in the United States and has hosted and trained over 139 guest scholars that served as Mandarin language teacher interns. Through their partnership with Wuhan University in Hubei Provence, CI-Pitt supports Chinese language programs and initiatives that allow guest scholars from the Wuhan University graduate school in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language to come to the U.S. and intern in schools throughout our region. The Guest Teacher Program was established for two purposes: one to help schools interested in teaching Chinese to have an opportunity to host a teacher at minimum cost to the school; and two, to allow the Guest Teacher the opportunity to develop their professional skills as a teacher in a real classroom with foreign students.

Our guest teacher/intern program has been used as a model for other CI’s in the United States and is thoughtful, comprehensive, organized and developed in a manner that brings professional-level interns into the process ready to engage young learners. Our interns are trained (attach to training schedule?) for two years at the graduate level in Wuhan University, for a full month in Beijing through the Ministry of Education, and an additional two-weeks at CI-Pitt before placement into the schools.

CI-Pitt has had great success creating a program that allow schools to introduce Mandarin to their students, while also helping those schools develop long-term strategies to create sustainable Mandarin programs for their districts. Schools that choose to host a guest teacher have three to five years to develop a comprehensive Mandarin program giving the school and all constituents the opportunity to understand their districts’ particular needs. To host a Guest Teacher in your district or to find more information regarding our program please click here.

Host a Guest Intern in Your School
General Information Guidelines and Deadlines for Submission

Evening Chinese Program

Each semester CI-Pitt offers introductory evening Chinese courses for the general public and university students wishing to explore Chinese language in a structured, non-credit environment. Classes meet twice a week for two hours per session on the University of Pittsburgh campus. Cost is $250 per semester and is meant for people interested in learning basic Chinese and developing skills for travel or to extend their knowledge of Chinese. This program is not offered Fall 2017.

Chinese Culture Corner

China Corner is an informal Chinese culture club that meets each Friday from 3-5 p.m. near the University of Pittsburgh campus. This gathering is free and open to anyone interested in China, Chinese language or is a Chinese national and wishes to make friends with others interested in learning about China. This program is not offered Fall 2017.

Short Lessons on Chinese Culture

These short lessons have been created by our Volunteer Teachers and can be used as introductory lessons to Chinese Festivals and food.

Lantern Festival of Chinese New Year

Moon Festival

Chinese Valentines Day

Food and Festivals