CLAS Ambassadors

CLAS Ambassadors

Undergraduates currently enrolled in a CLAS certificate program are welcome to apply. The recipient of the fellowship will be required to work approximately fifteen hours per week during the fall and spring terms. In return, they will receive 50% tuition compensation for each semester. The role of Student Ambassador to the Center is an important and rewarding one for the right candidate who possesses strong organizational skills, self-direction, and professionalism.

Deadline: Monday, March 4, 2019 (Application below)


The recipient of this fellowship will assist the Assistant Director for Academic Affairs with recruiting, orientation, and other aspects of the undergraduate programs in Latin American Studies. The fellowship recipients will be asked to make classroom presentations about CLAS and to represent Latin American Studies at various events on campus. They will need to learn about the programs of the Center, respond to questions about the programs, and have an overall knowledge of the area studies programs offered across the University Center for International Studies. They must enjoy working with undergraduates and be able to relate to their needs.

Work hours will vary depending on the university schedule for recruitment events; however, the work load will be quite a bit heavier during the fall term. Note that the student ambassadors will be asked to work for a few hours on one or two Saturdays.


  • ability to comfortably address large groups;
  • ability to relate to undergraduate students (previous work experience with undergraduates is a plus);
  • strength in oral expression is especially important.

Preference will be given to those with:

  • proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese;
  • study abroad experience (especially in Latin America/the Caribbean);
  • multidisciplinary knowledge of Latin America;
  • solid progress toward the completion of a certificate in Latin American Studies.

NOTE: Only students who are currently enrolled in the Center for Latin American Studies are eligible to apply.


  • ½ (50%) tuition (maximum 15 credits) for the fall term and spring terms;
  • a position of importance and respect, representing a National Resource Center on Latin America.

To apply send:

  • a cover letter explaining your suitability and qualifications, as well as an explanation of why you want this job/fellowship;
  • a resume, curriculum vitae, or one-page explanation of courses and/or work experience that relate to the skills needed; and
  • a transcript (an unofficial copy is acceptable)

Please make sure your email address and telephone numbers are provided on your documents so that you can be reached for an interview!

Apply online below

Deadline: Monday, March 4, 2019