College and University Outreach

College and University Outreach

At the college and university level, the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) shares its expertise on Latin America and the Caribbean with faculty and students from other two and four-year institutes. This is accomplished through the following:

Workshops and Conferences

CLAS conducts workshops for faculty of colleges and universities in the tri-state area. A few examples are: " Languages in the Professional Schools " Individuals and their Global Communities "Changing Paradigms of Identity " Panel discussion with visiting Mothers of May Plaza (Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo), Buenos Aires, Argentina " Nicaragua's Presidential Election: The Role of the Media and Implications for the Hemisphere. In addition, CLAS hosts the Latin American Social and Public Policy (LASPP) Conference annually and welcomes scholars from the U.S. and abroad. 


The Center's newsletter, CLASicos, includes important national and international information on Latin American studies and is distributed to over 2,500 individuals and institutions in the U.S. and overseas. For more information on CLASicos, click here.

Film and Lecture Series

CLAS sponsors an annual film and lecture series. Films focusing on Latin American topics and countries of the region are presented in the evenings and on weekends. Throughout the academic year University of Pittsburgh and visiting faculty participate in a Latin American and Caribbean lecture series. The topics are presented from the points of view of many disciplines and professional schools and open to discussion by faculty and students.

Resource Lending Library

CLAS maintains a collection of instructional resources on Latin America and the Caribbean available at the university, secondary, and upper elementary levels for classroom use. The resources include maps, videos, slide sets, books, lessons, and curriculum guides. A catalog, Latin American Studies Resource Directory, resides on the website and is available in hardcopy.